Nowitzki and the big question of the future

er is back, on the big stage. But on another. Recently, Dirk Nowitzki was in the Schauspielhaus Frankfurt and read together with the writer Thomas Pletzinger passages from his biography "The Great Nowitzki". More than 500 pages, the factory is strong, and it starts where Nowitzki's career has ended: on April 10 this year in Dallas, the last home game of the Mavericks in the season.

Michael Wittershagen

On the day that Nowitzki announced his retirement. After 21 seasons and 1522 games for the Dallas Mavericks, after 31,560 points, after winning the championship in 2011, after several personal awards, victories and low blows. But that's not all. Nowitzki, as Pletzinger puts it, "had fundamentally changed an American game, he had revolutionized it. Basketball since Nowitzki was different from basketball before him: more agile, variable, less predictable, finer, more ingenious. "The big boys no longer have to wait for balls under the basket, they throw from the outside and in the meantime they have even playmaker qualities.

No training for six months

Nowitzki's path describes Pletzinger, who himself once dreamed of a career as a basketball pro, as if he had always been there. Because he was not, he draws much from conversations with Nowitzki and his mentor, trainer and companion Holger Geschwindner. The result is an impressive sports book that lives from near, but at the same time also makes clear what this closeness costs: A Dutch direct bank, personal sponsor of Nowitzki, appears again and again – and as a reader, one already wonders what content relevance some have a mention. So be it, Nowitzki likes the book. "Did he do well," he said in Frankfurt.

But Nowitzki is despite his size of 2.13 meters, his impressive career and his worldwide popularity not a man for the big show. Even from the NBA he would rather have quietly said goodbye. All the more he has enjoyed the rest, which may have never existed in this way in his durchaktaktelten adult life. For half a year he had not trained at all, he had traveled and eaten above all what he wanted and when he wanted. For breakfast there was ever an ice cream. Everyday life as an NBA professional is suddenly very far away.

From now on in leisure dress or fine thread: Dirk Nowitzki

The old colleagues are at the end of their season preparation. Just a few hours after Nowitzki read in Frankfurt, the Mavericks played their last game in the pre-season against the Los Angeles Clippers and won 102: 87. There are now new main characters in Dallas, and again they come from Europe: the Slovenian Luka Doncic and the Latvian Kristaps Porzingis. "I hope Dallas will be back in the play-offs. I believe that we showed last year that we are on the right path, "said Nowitzki.

The favorites in the season starting on Tuesday, however, will be others – especially the two teams from Los Angeles, which could establish itself as the NBA's new power center. The Clippers engaged in the summer, among others, Kawhi Leonard from Master Toronto Raptors and Paul George from Oklahoma and wait suddenly with a new superstar duo on. The Lakers had secured the services of LeBron James a year ago, and now Anthony Davis of New Orleans is joining them; Together they could make the Lakers a big number again. The Philadelphia 76ers, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets are also among the favorites.

Nowitzki, who could possibly step into the spotlight again as a businessman or shareholder of the Mavericks, will take a look from the distance and take a break of another half a year. "I want to gain some distance, but I can not say overnight, I do not care anymore," Nowitzki said. It is his life.

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