News Imposter reactions at the DFB on Gündogan and Can

Imposter reactions at the DFB on Gündogan and Can


"You also know that it was a mistake": Oliver Bierhoff
Picture: Picture Alliance

National players have the right to a political opinion. And young people make mistakes. What does not work, is an attitude that wants to excuse mistakes of DFB players with their alleged limitation, immaturity or callousness.

AThe day after, the German national football team also posted a photo. It shows how the players close to Gundogan and Can, captain Neuer holds both in his arms. It looks like solidarity with two colleagues who have come under fire. However, the official interpretation of this photo, which was then distributed by DFB director Bierhoff, is a different one: stand for openness, diversity, tolerance and against all forms of violence and discrimination. One must first come to that.

A debate over the two likes for the photo with the Turkish soldier salute of her old soccer buddy Tosun, which Gündogan and Can first liked, and then, when they became aware of the political dimension – or had to be made aware of it first – no more, lets go do not lead with slogans from the social networks. National players, like everyone else, have the right to a political opinion. Young people make mistakes, and have to get the chance to learn from them. In addition, a possibly thoughtless digital thumbs up for a photo of an old football friend is something other than a jersey to Erdogan, sincerely, for my president.



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