Due to financial dues .. Egypt clearing causes a new crisis for Zamalek


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Tuesday, 10.10.2015 05:18 PM Abu Dhabi time

Egypt clearing and Zamalek

Egypt clearing and Zamalek

CAIRO, Egypt [Reuters] – Egypt's clearing club has caused a new crisis for Zamalek after it refused to broadcast their match on Thursday for financial reasons.

It is scheduled to face Zamalek counterpart Egypt clearing, next Thursday, at the Stadium of Peace, in the second round of the Egyptian league.

Walid Huwaidi, the clearance manager, confirmed that his club has outstanding arrears of great value to the sponsoring company since last season, in addition to that the club has not received any part of the dues of the new season.

Huwaidi explained that the Clearing Council is in a state of continuous convening to take all measures to obtain the outstanding financial dues and ensure that its dues are maintained for the new season.

It was not the first crisis that Zamalek has suffered in the recent period, where he entered into another crisis a few days ago because of Senegalese Football Senegal in the second leg of the second round of the Champions League.

The Confederation of African Football [CAF] has postponed the decision on the Zamalek-Generacion match until October 8, after the Senegalese club refused to play it after it was postponed and changed its stadium.

The first round of the Egyptian league saw Aswan's club refuse to broadcast its match against Egypt clearing because it also did not receive its dues from the sponsoring company.

The clearing Egypt led by Ahmed Hossam "Mido" has succeeded in the victory over Aswan in the first week matches with a score of 3-2.

Zamalek, meanwhile, led by Serbian coach Meicho made their debut in the Egyptian league this season with a 1-0 win over Al Ittihad of Alexandria.

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