News Depor imposes its punch

Depor imposes its punch


Deportivo showed that it is the revelation team of this league start and beat Rayo Vallecano in a game in which he imposed his greatest strength. The Galicians, who had their best player in Peke, created more scoring chances and took advantage of two of them, while Lightning failed to seize their opportunities.

From the first minute the two teams assumed their respective roles. The Depor had the ball and was always played in the field of Lightning, who felt comfortable without the ball and waiting for the moment to launch the kickback. The Galicians roamed the rival goal constantly, but without creating great danger. In the first quarter of an hour, only a distant auction of Cris, who went outside, disturbed Larqué. El Rayo, on the other hand, found a ball standing still. In the first fifteen minutes he had two great opportunities and even Oriana Altuve scored, but the goal was annulled for doubtful offside.

Shortly after, they tried their luck for the locals Noelia Villegas and Alba Merino, but their auctions were stopped by Larqué without complications. The first half followed this tonic, with a Depor unable to break the defensive system of the Lightning, who was looking for his options to score against. Gradually Eva Masdeu appeared in the game and managed to connect several times with Bulatovic, who taught how to receive a ball with his back to the goal and protect him with his body. It was precisely she who had a good chance with a strong distant shot that stopped the local goalkeeper.

The second half began in the same way that the first ended, although with a much more determined Depor. At the break he took the opportunity to introduce Athenea in an attempt to achieve greater depth. In the first four minutes, Peque had three occasions and took the third to score, after a center of Cristina.

The goal led to an exchange of roles. The Lightning came to dominate and the Depor adopted the posture of seeing them come. And curiously, it generated more danger against it than the one it had generated in the first part, the result of its dominance. The. Alba Merino had better, which was not successful with the auction. Minutes later it was Tere who shot and his shot went over the goal. In the 70th minute, Athena's shot was slightly deflected. At that time, the match was a correcalles with the ball from side to side without pause.

Rayo was able to tie in the 72nd minute. Sheila appeared alone before the rival goalkeeper and when the goal seemed inevitable María Méndez appeared and managed to avoid the lethal shot. The game is crazy and in the 80th minute a play by Peke ended up leaving Gaby alone, which failed the easiest. In 83, Peke was left alone, but failed. And in 84, Gaby finally got it right. He picked up a rejection from Larqué and knocked on an empty door. Already in time of discount, the Japanese Maya established 3-0 thanks to a powerful shot from outside the area.

Data sheet

3 – Deportivo Abanca: María Isabel; Cristina, María Méndez, Noelia Villegas, Nuria (Miriam, m. 90), Tere, Iris, Alba Merino (Maya, m.79), Michelle Romero (Athenea, m. 46), Peke and Gaby (Kika, m.87 ).

0 – Rayo Vallecano: Larqué; Carla Guerrero, Paula Andújar (Paula, m. 68), Camila Sáez, Auñón (Ángeles, m. 85), Eva Alonso, Eva Masdeu (Yael, m.76), Pilar García, Sheila, Oriana Altuve and Bulatovic (Saray, m. 74).

Goals: 1-0, m. 50 Peke; 2-0, m. 84 Gaby. 3-0, m. 93 Maya.

Referee: Elena Pélaez. He showed yellow to visitors María Méndez and Andújar.

Incidents: Abegondo


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