Rugby Crunch, rugby podcast from L & # 39; Team:...

Crunch, rugby podcast from L & # 39; Team: Wales-France: undeserved but logical … – Rugby – Podcast


A few minutes and a point, the French team's adventure at the World Cup in the quarter-finals against the Welsh (19-20) stops. Delivering one of his best matches in many months, embellished with a grain of madness on a grid play schedule and a demonstration of incredible offensive potential (unlike Wales). But why not try drops? The French team may have the talent to do complicated things, it lacks work to do simple things with talent. Trust and closeness were Welsh.

Besides, we talk about coolness … Is it compassion or anger that comes when we think back to Sébastien Vahaamahina's incomprehensible push? (This show was recorded before the announcement of his international retirement).

And what now? Is there more hope at the end of this World Cup than four years ago? French young people have talent, but how can they prepare these young people for the international level properly?

Animated by Chrystelle Bonnetwith Clément Dossin. Yann Sternis and Alexandre Bardot (in Tokyo, Japan, by phone).

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