American Football CFB 150: The 10 best college football movies of...

CFB 150: The 10 best college football movies of all time


It's hard to find good college football movies.

Baseball and basketball offer a host of classic movies to choose from. And football, as a sport, offers several great movies. That's why we do not have many university players – that's why, at Sporting News, we sought to pay tribute to them in our latest series of the CFB 150, ranking the top 10 college football movies of all time.

For reasons of purity, we have not included professional or high school football movies on this list. So, "Friday Night Lights", "The Blind Side", "Varsity Blues" and "Remember the Titans" did not qualify. We also chose not to include documentaries. And, despite some debate over Johnny Utah's college football days, "Point Break" is not considered a college football movie – but an excellent movie.

The same goes for the 10 films on our list. It's a mix of real-life dramas and comedies that can be cited in fictional universities. Four different films received votes in the first place of our six-person panel.

With this, SN presents our seventh component celebrating 150 years of university football: the top 10 university football movies of all time.

10. "Everyone is American" (1988)

Based on the legendary writer Frank Deford's novel, "Everybody's All-American" was part of the wave of 80s sports films. This is the story of Gavin Gray at the Louisiana University – but you remember the portrait of Dennis Quaid in "The Gray Ghost". The cast is first class, with Jessica Lange, John Goodman and Timothy Hutton. The timeless story of how an athlete handles the trappings of college celebrity at the NFL sounds good even today, even before the social media era. The winning touch of Gray remains the defining scene of the film (warning: language):

9. "Horse Feathers" (1932)

This Marx Brothers comedy was ahead of its time, with social commentaries and references on amateurism that still hold today. Baravelli and Pinky go through a series of mishaps to get to the big match between Darwin and Huxley Colleges. In which other film about football is the decisive touch in a carriage? Mike DeCourcy of SN, the most qualified film critic of our staff, voted "No.1 Horse Feathers".

8. "Roughness necessary" (1991)

The Fightin & Armadillos of Texas State University have been hit hard by sanctions. Another classic of the "Major League" and "Blue Chips" is another classic. Of course, quarterback Paul Blake (Scott Bakula), 34, is here to save the season around a group of outsiders including Featherstone, Samurai, "The Slender" and Lucy Draper, played by Kathy Ireland. Rob Schneider plays Chuck Neiderman, one game at a time, and is part of the classic story of the underdogs leading up to the confrontation with the University of Texas Colts.

7. "The Junction Boys" (2002)

This ESPN film – based on Jim Dent's book "The Junction Boys" – focuses on football. He details the actual 1954 Texas A & M football camp with coach Bear Bryant, which is convincingly described by Tom Berenger. The characters are fictional and the amount of dramatic facts is debatable. It is nevertheless one of those movies that you watch at the beginning of the training camp each year. It's a story of survival and fraternity, and it's the best of the ESPN franchise.

6. "The Express" (2008)

Ernie Davis' story of triumph and tragedy is beautifully told in this film, which follows the Syracuse race as he becomes the first African-American player to win the Heisman Trophy. Rob Brown plays Davis and Quaid plays Ben Schwartzwalder, Orange coach. The film preceded "42", but takes up the same theme of discrimination that Davis has suffered throughout his career as a footballer. The film also shows the battle of Davis against leukemia. It's heartbreaking, but its story remains an inspiration today.

5. "We are Marshall" (2006)

The plane crash of 1970, which claimed the lives of 75 people, including 37 Marshall football players, is one of the worst tragedies in the history of sport. Matthew McConaughey plays the role of coach Jack Lengyel, who is struggling to rebuild this program in a community where football is a priority. This film shows the visceral impact on the community of Huntington, West Virginia, as well as the coaches and players left behind, including Nate Ruffin (played by Anthony Mackie) and William "Red" Dawson, played by Matthew Fox. Ian McShane, David Strathairn and Kate Mara are part of a cast of stars that transmit these experiences on the big screen in an incredible way.

4. "Knute Rockne All American" (1940)

This is the first of two Notre Dame propaganda films on this list, but it is impossible not to include the story of the legendary Notre Dame who gave us "The Four Horsemen." Pat O 'Brien plays the role of Rockne, but it is the future President Ronald Reagan who has the unforgettable scene of a dying George Gipp. You already know the words: "Ask them to go with everything they have and just win one for The Gipper, I do not know where I will be then, but I'll know it. happy."

3. "The program" (1993)

It's the most excited college football movie of all time. It follows the ESU Timberwolves of fiction and all the pitfalls of an important football program. The arrests, school frauds, steroids and pressure on coach Sam Winters (James Caan), so that everything stays in order. Joe Kane, Alvin Mack, Bud Kaminski and Darnell Jefferson are fans of the season. The portrayal of Andrew Bryniarski in the role of the defensive wing drawn Steve Lattimer is still alive more than a quarter of a century later. All together now: "Start the defense! Place at the table!" The best part of this movie? This shows what it takes for some programs to create a bowl – and how ugly the game can be on and off the pitch.

2. "The boy of water" (1998)

It's the sleeper of Adam Sandler's comedies, because it's perhaps the best. The story of Bobby Boucher, American American linebacker of Mud Dogs of Louisiana State Waterboy University, now South-South Central, is amazing from start to finish. The portrait of the coach Klein by Henry Winkler is hysterical and brings the comedy on football to a higher level. You're hooked on the second Boucher who makes his first crushing tackle. The cameo lineup of Lawrence Taylor, Brent Musburger and Dan Fouts – "The last game of the year, Brent, nothing can be remembered now" – is well synchronized throughout the film, and the storybook at Bourbon Bowl is exactly how it should be.

1. "Rudy" (1993)

"I've been ready for that all my life." This is the story of Rudy Ruettiger, the adventurer Notre-Dame of 100 meters and nothing that has been given the mission to leave the tunnel to join Fighting Irish. Critics will denounce the story with duplicates of the style "Rudy was out of play" or call it propaganda of Our Lady. But it's a truly remarkable film, inspired by Sean Astin's legendary portrayal of Reuttiger – the relationship his character develops with Fortune (Charles S. Dutton) makes the film much better. And everything is ready for the score of Jerry Goldsmith, which culminates during the "Tryouts" scene. There are too many iconic scenes to count, and no college football movie tells a similar story.

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