News Adam Eaton comes up again to drive nationals in...

Adam Eaton comes up again to drive nationals in game 2


Eaton's two-interval goes down the right field line in the eighth t-inning
It was a difference after Michael A. Taylor misled a line drive to take care of him, leaving the run to score a connection. Instead, Eaton's relaxation was successful and helped to broaden the leadership of the Nationalist – putting two beats away from his first Earth presence.

“The biggest win in the year so far,” said Trea Turner.

The central double came one day after delivering the most important insurance run. In Friday night's 1 night, Eaton smashed a triple center to the center of the center and then scored an individual Howie Kendrick to win a Nationalist 2-0 win. Game 2 seemed more surprised in some way because Cardinals beginner, Adam Wainwright, had eaten Eaton every evening.

The old playing fields, locations and speeds against the outdoor field were old. Eaton went out to the left for the first time he noticed a 12-to-6 curveball Wainwright sign. He got out of the third head firmly on a spill out of the plate. He met out in the sixth year when Wainwright started outside with a curvature and a swift ball and then came back with another maker.

The shadows in Busch Stadium did not help the evening game. When the ball leaves the pitcher hand, the hitter looks at the seams, and the direction of the turns usually tells what kind of field it is. Sometimes the ball has gray shadows and the rivets cloud. Eaton pointed out that Kolten Wong, the second Cardinals card card, was twice worn and was a warrant.

“You just saw very bad swings and bad counts (for everyone),” Eaton said.

Wainwright sanctioned four hits and one was held in seven reports when he addressed Eaton again in the eighth. Matt Adams and Turner were named, so Eaton had two. It appeared that the Manager Mike Shildt, with traffic and Wainwright could almost 100 playing pitches, go to Andrew Miller, a man who left left. But Shildt stayed in the dug out.

Eaton was not thinking of addressing Miller or Wainwright. He thinks of what a manager might be interfering with the focus so that he could beat the man on the mound. He wanted to focus because Wainwright and catcher Yadier Molina had confused him all day.

The sun had gone down, which meant he saw the ball on the way to the plate for the first time. Eaton did his best for this team during the season and threw the pitcher down. He laid out curvilles that only lost and lost and put Wainwright back inside. He broke a quick bag that would strike through and he got the count to 3-2.

Eaton thought whether Wainwright wore it, he wanted to wear it on strike. He decided that it was confusing, but then he stopped himself. He thought of George Costanza, the sitcom character from “Seinfeld.” The short, prudent man, at one point in the show, decided to ignore his mind and do otherwise. Eaton put his inner Costanza on the spot: He forgot the fast port and was focused on the curve. He felt guilty without conviction “more than any other park – or any other bat I had.”

“That's what happened,” Eaton said. “George was right.”

Eaton exploded just in the first base and reached the second base as Adams and Turner scored. Shildt rose out of the dugout to replace Wainwright. Eventually, Adam set off in Adams (and Turner) as he put Adam out.


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