News World Athletics Championships: pole vault with defibrillator - Sport

World Athletics Championships: pole vault with defibrillator – Sport


Sometimes watching can be a reward. The sport was over for Katharina Bauer in Doha fast, she completed only three jumps, three times flew the bar with her on Friday evening back down. So Bauer sat down and watched. As the other pole vaulters completed their qualification for the final, for one and a half hours, around them the huge Khalifa Stadium with a few thousand spectators. For Bauer, that was all a premiere, to be the first time at a World Cup at the age of 29. "If I'm already here, I'll suck it, too," she said.

Bauer is a much sought-after sportswoman these days, one she has not seen before at a World Cup: under her heart she wears a defibrillator, which was used in spring 2018 and turns on in an emergency when the heart goes crazy. The doctors advised her at the end of his career, you have no insight, how well such a device and elite sports harmonize with each other. But if the heart hangs on the pole vault, then it is not so easy to quit.


"When I woke up in the morning, I had cuts"

Three athletes make in a TV article allegations against a doctor of the World Association. The IAAF medical doctor advised them to undergo an operation, the severity of which they apparently were not clear.By Johannes Knuth

"In any case, I have not lost my laugh yet," said Bauer now in Doha, after she had failed with the damned jumps at the entrance 4.20 meters, "if you so much absorbs, that's super nice, I'm glad also for the other girls ". Her best performance is 4.65 meters, jumped in 2015, in front of the defibrillator.

Bauer wants to write new stories

The problems with the heart Bauer had as a child, up to 6000 strokes made her heart every day in addition. A first OP did not produce the desired result, 2017 then beat the heart too often 18,000 times a day. Another surgery, again the problems were not solved. A heartbeat was found by ECG, which could trigger ventricular fibrillation and, in the worst case, could lead to death. So the defibrillator was finally the last option. In the competition in Doha she had no problems due to the air-conditioned stadium, but outside the heat made Bauer far more difficult than other athletes. "The heat does not bother the Defi, but the heart, so I realized the stumbling is more then," she said, "when it's so hot and I'm on the circuit, I also feel my heart more ".

That she can be there in Doha, she has to thank an invitation from the World Association, it should be a reward for the good indoor season, in which she crossed 4.55 meters. The message she got until the beginning of September, so a few weeks ago. "I'm just stunned," she wrote on Instagram. "Sure it was a gift to be at the World Cup," said Bauer now, "but of course I wanted to show season best again or increase myself." It can not be everything for a person like her who has already accepted and survived so much. In a competition before the Olympics, she injured so hard on the hand that she had to be operated on.

But these are the old stories, Bauer wants to write her new ones now. The experience of Doha wants to take her and to fulfill the dream of Olympic Games. What she experienced and observed during the World Cup should motivate her to face the challenges ahead. "It all makes sense, whatever that means," she said and then disappeared.

Athletics Usain Bolt - and now?

Usain Bolt – and now?

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