Why Novak Djokovic not with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with Laver Cup | Tennis Sport

Novak Djokovic does not appear to have been invited to participate in the Laver Cup this year.

The Serbian debuted at the newly formed event in 2018 and he helped Team Europa defend the title alongside Roger Federer.

However, World No. 1 does not participate when the tournament travels to Geneva next weekend.

But the good news for tennis fans is that Rafael Nadal returns after playing his role in Europe in winning the opening match in 2017, but skipped last year due to an injury.

It seemed like a late decision not to include Djokovic in the six-man team, because Stefanos Tsitsipas only got the last place a month ago.

Earlier this year, 16-time Grand Slam winner Djokovic admitted that he was not sure about the situation.

"I'm not sure. We still don't know," he said about his participation.

Djokovic, however, was not invited to the pre-Wimbledon Laver Cup meeting in London, which indicated that he would be omitted this time.

Fabio Fognini, Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev joined Federer and Nadal in the Japanese restaurant ZELA, suggesting that it might not be Djokovic's own decision to skip the tournament.

The 32-year-old spoke very much about the competition, named after the legendary Rod Laver, when it was announced that it would be an official ATP event from next year.

Djokovic said, "The Laver Cup is a true feast of tennis that is loved by the fans and embraced by the players," said the 15-time Grand Slam champion. "

The tension between the three leading players in the world is high due to the recent political drama that has flooded the ATP tour.

Djokovic, chairman of the players' council, led a revolt against ATP chairman Chris Kermode, who is due to resign at the end of the year.

Federer and Nadal were both very vocal in wanting the Brit to stay in power, but they couldn't do anything about it.

The result was that they both joined the players' council after a series of layoffs this summer.

And there are expected to be many upcoming battles in the tennis boardroom, which may have played their part in Djokovic who was not present at the Laver Cup.

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