NFL NFL Grade 3: The Vikings get an "A-" for...

NFL Grade 3: The Vikings get an "A-" for chasing the Raiders, the dolphins finally avoid an "F"


The Vikings have finally found the perfect recipe to win winning matches. Coach Mike Zimmer loves to: Use the ball as often as possible in attack and then let your defense do the rest.

C & # 39; exactly what the Vikings did on Sunday while they were steaming the Raiders for 211 yards rushing in a 34-14 victory. Not surprisingly, Zimmer was pleased with the way his team led the ball against Oakland.

So, what made the Vikings' ground game so successful this season? Zimmer explained after the match what he had seen from his team, which was entering the third week as the NFL's third-best running team.

"Number one: our coaches make a good job"And number two: I think the offensive line is doing a pretty good job of finding the right people and creating space."

You want good intrigues? Check out this one meter run by Adam Thielen. Although the one-meter races are generally not very sexy, the Vikings called a wide transfer to their wide catcher who surprised the Raiders completely unprepared.

This was one of two touchdowns of the day for Thielen. The Vikings won 21-0 in the second quarter.

Regarding Zimmer, he also noted that much of the success of the game being run was related to the amount of space created by the offensive line, which was exposed facing Oakland. .

Just look at the bottom hole that was created for Alexander Mattison on his 10-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

Mattison, who ran 58 yards, would probably have been able to cross that hole and continue to score.

There is also another thing that makes the Viking offensive rush, that is Dalvin Cook. Cook, who was the best NFL striker for Week 3, will likely retain the title after 110 rushing against the Raiders. Zimmer was particularly impressed by Cook this season.

"It does not need a lot of space because it's really good at sneaking into holes," Zimmer said. "Perhaps the most impressive thing about him is his toughness between tackles he never wants to fall in. He's a physical runner with great speed and a running ability at home.

We can not show you all of Cook's tracks here, but we can show you a 16 yard rush that he had in the third quarter and that sums up his abilities.

As you can see, he "slips" into the first hole, before making the game miss for several people, which was particularly impressive because he was second and 15 of the match.

Cook has been so good this season that he has done things that many other players in the NFL history have never done. Thanks to his performance against the Raiders, Cook is now that the fifth player in the history of the NFL rush for 110 yards or more and a touchdown in each of his team's first three games of the season.

The Vikings have now run over 200 yards total five times under Zimmer and they are 5-0 in those matches.

Running against the Raiders is one thing, but if the Vikings want to prove that they are actually NFC contenders this year, they will have to do it against a better defense and they will have that chance at the 4th week. when they go to Chicago to face the Bears.

Here are the notes for each match of the 3rd week of Sunday.

Minnesota 34-14 on Oakland

Indianapolis 27-24 on Atlanta

Buffalo 21-17 above Cincinnati

Kansas City 33-28 on Baltimore

Grades Ravens-Chiefs by Jared Dubin

Dallas 31-6 on Miami

Dolphins-Cowboys by Patrik Walker

New England 30-14 on N.Y. Jets

Jets-Patriots Rankings by Tyler Sullivan

Detroit 27-24 Philadelphia

Jeff Kerr Lions-Eagles Ranks

Green Bay 27-16 above Denver

Grades Broncos-Packers of Jordan Dajani


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