NFL Julio Jones, teammates reacted to game-winning touchdown

Julio Jones, teammates reacted to game-winning touchdown


"When Sanu kicked the guy out, it was pretty much a race," Jones said. "That was it. It was wide open, they were giving us a new look in the game and sooner than later, we made them pay. We made them pay later in the game [Calvin Ridley] and then at the end of the game. "

Here's what a few of Jones' teammates had to say about his game-winning play:

"We ran a screen," Matthews said. "We executed it really well, I tried to take a good release. [Mohamed] and [Julio] set it up perfect. I just had to do my job and they would do the rest. I still do not have my voice because I was so loud. It was a good feeling. "

"He's a beast," Ridley said. "Fourth down, we called it and we got it to our best player and made a great play."

"That's what he does," said Trufant. "I'm not surprised at all. He's been doing it. And I'm just glad I do not have to guard him. "

"It was a great play-call by Dirk," Ryan said. "Mohamed Sanu and Jake Matthews did a great job getting started. Julio in space … the best receiver in the game. It was a great call at the right time. It was just what we needed. It's special for him to break a record in such a critical situation. That was pretty cool. I'm proud of him. It's been an honor to play with him for a long time. Let's hope there's a lot more in that he's under contract for a long time. "


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