Football It goes for Millau in the Occitan Cup

It goes for Millau in the Occitan Cup


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In Boussac: Boussac 2 – S.O.Millau 4 (half time: 1 – 1)

For the SO Millau : Andy Carrière (45th); Lamine Diedhiou (60th); Mohamed Athoumany (67th) and Pierrick Liot (90th).

For Boussac (15th and 73rd).

For the first round of the Occitan Cup, the SO Millau was moving Sunday on the lands of Boussac against a club that plays D4 Aveyron district …

Very complicated match for residents of the D1 on a rustic lawn and cramped terrain. A trap game par excellence that had to be tackled with a lot of combativeness in the good sense of the word, because the opponent, it was obvious, would not make a gift by playing his game to create a surprise …

The Boussacois will put the intensity from the beginning by carrying out an all-out pressing on the players millavois. The visitors are trying to put their foot on the ball, but it's a tricky business, given the surface of the game …

What was to happen finally happened … On a clearance of six meters Boussac, the ball exceeds the entire yellow and red defense and landed in the feet of a player Boussac who stands alone in front of the goalkeeper he will beat d ' a shot down (15th).
The Millavois, stung, begin to press the accelerator and their actions are sharper. For proof, the series of corners which follows, without concretization of the attackers.

We have to wait for another corner kick for Millau to equalize. This one is shot to two and Loan Simoes center for Andy Carrière who scores with a splendid header, offering the one just before half-time (45th).

The second period is to the advantage of the Millavois who are more in the action than in the reaction. However, Boussac will be denied a goal on a magnificent shot from twenty meters, because the referee had previously given a fault in their favor … Too bad for them, but the defense millavois stopped at the whistle and it is quite logically that this goal is canceled.

The second goal of visitors is the copy of the first local achievement. Indeed, on a clearance, this time of six meters millavois, the balloon navigates in the defense of Boussac and it is Lamine Diedhiou, opportunist if any, who goes with a whim lober the goalkeeper and put the ball in the skylight (60).

Millau will drive the nail through Mohamed Athoumany which will install a little more doubt among the Boussacois players. (67).

We say that the mass is said … That nay, Boussac does not admit defeated and will take advantage of the errors of the defense Millavoise. The center-forward inherits a lamentably lost ball by the Millavois in the middle of the field. He stands alone in front of the goalkeeper he easily deceives (73).

This time, "the flies changed donkeys" and Millau is within range … But visitors react by hogging the ball. It is quite naturally, on a ball on the left side, that Pierrick Liot will definitely give the qualification to his (90th).
It is on this score of 4 to 2 for SO Millau that the referee whistles the end of the match …

Good overall performance of the Millavois, who had to draw on their resources to overcome this team Boussac who has defended well. Very good spirit of all the actors during the meeting. This is to emphasize!

Thanks to Manu Cros for his investment in this match, which has made up for the lack of coaches.

Next championship match: Pays Alzuréen – SO Millau, Saturday 21 September at 19h in Lanuéjouls.


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