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Luisa Geiselsöder is considered one of the league's greatest talents. Despite numerous offers she stays in Nördlingen.

The College – for almost every junior basketball player, it's a big dream to switch to the American education system for a few years after leaving school and finally make it into the North American professional league NBA or WNBA through college sports. But that does not apply to Luisa Geiselsöder. "College was an option for me at the age of 14," says 19-year-old native Ansbacher. "Then I took a closer look at the basketball and was not that enthusiastic, I think European basketball is much nicer and more dynamic." That's why she did not opt ​​for the leap to the US, but extended it to the XCYDE Angels Nördlingen.

Already last year Geiselsöder was one of the mainstays in the squad of the basketball Bundesliga on the center position. With more than eleven points and five rebounds in a 27-minute stint, she was statistically the second best German player in the entire league – and all while she was studying for the Abitur. "If I did not live with my sister, the whole thing would have been different," she says today. Laura Geiselsöder is five years older and also plays basketball at the Angels in Nördlingen, the teacher's student is the team captain. "We help each other out in the household," says the little sister. "If she has exams, then I do a little bit more, and when I had to learn, she threw the household."

That too was one reason why Luisa Geiselsöder decided early on to sign her first professional contract and play in Nördlingen for another year before moving abroad. "I definitely wanted to stay in Bavaria for another year, and since this is my first year as a pro, I wanted to be close to my family so that they could also support me morally." Three years ago, the Geiselsöder sisters moved from the Middle Franconian Burgoberbach to Ries, since then they are considered to be the figureheads of the club. "Many young girls come to me often, for which you are the star," says Luisa Geiselsöder. "You do not realize and understand that at all – for me someone like Dirk Nowitzki is a star, but not me." In the meantime, however, she has assumed the role of role model and likes to lead by example. "You have a responsibility to the youth basketball to convince as many players as possible of the beautiful side of basketball."

Similar to Dirk Nowitzki, she also succeeds through successes in the national team: Last summer, she celebrated with the U18 of the German Basketball Federation the first European title in German basketball history.

Last summer, they celebrated with the U18 the first European title in German basketball history. This was associated with qualifying for the U19 World Cup in Thailand this summer, where the reigning European champions in the end, however, only came in 13th place. "The result was okay for our first participation in a World Cup, we did our best, but somehow the worm was in it this summer," says Geiselsöder. In addition to the U19 World Cup was still the U20 European Championship on the program – the priority had: "My coach and mentor Imre Szittya always says: The World Cup is the reward, the European Championship, the daily work." However, the German team also had no luck at the European Championships in the Czech Republic, finally the U20 could not win a match and finished in 16th place. "But we missed three important key players in the first place we would have played in the top eight in any case "Geiselsöder says.

Against the later European Vice Champion from Russia, the German selection in the second round even led three minutes before the final siren, but could not achieve a single point more. Best player was Geiselsöder again in this game: She scored a so-called double-double with 16 points and 13 rebounds, in both tournaments she was among the twelve best points collectors. In the coming season, she wants to work mainly on her defense work and rebounding. In addition, the litter is to be stabilized – so far, it can be found as a center mainly under the baskets.

The new Nördlinger coach Ajtony Imreh should help her as well. The Hungarian is considered in professional circles as one who can help especially young talent to take the next step; he has already announced to build the team in the new season around Geiselsöder around. With the Americans Chelsea Jennings and Leslie Vorpahl and national teammate Julia Förner, the Angels have strengthened this summer high-profile. In the starting this Saturday with a home game against Marburg (16 clock) season, she has set the playoffs as a goal. After the year Bundesliga she would like to take the next step and go abroad. Compared to the major leagues in Europe or North America, the Bundesliga is more of a development league and hardly competitive "My dream would be to play EuroLeague in France or Spain," says Geiselsöder. By the way, she wants to start a distance learning course, but the college is excluded: "If I travel to the US soon, then as a holiday destination – and not to play basketball there."

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