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In Leipzig, Bayern was considerably irritated by the conversion of the opponent. The message: Kovac's team is way too good for many in the league – but that does not mean it always wins.

Coach Niko Kovac said after the game in Leipzig a sentence that may have just slipped out of it. But he's in the world now, the sentence, and he has plenty of potential to be retrieved by malicious people, such as journalists, when the opportunity presents itself.

Kovac said it was "of course difficult to influence the team anywhere during the match." Of course you could "change" as a coach, but you never know, "if everyone knows everything." At half-time, Kovac had to understand, he had "pointed out" to his players that they could change their basic tactical formation after the break – which they did. But in turn, the tactics switched, Kovac has not then. Whereupon the hitherto outstanding superior Bayern at least temporarily lost their game came.

Bayern in the individual review

The number one is back

The so-called Super Saturday with the Duels Leipzig vs. FC Bayern and Dortmund vs. Leverkusen comes too early in the season to distribute first trophies, but in fact this match day already allows a first concrete look into the near future – precisely because Bayern brought with two different halves in the debate. Anyone measuring a team at their height can declare the season already over: If the Bavarians would consistently play as scary and authoritarian as they did after Lewandowski's early opening goal, they could reserve the Marienplatz for their championship celebration in January. But if one takes the Munich of the second half of the scale, then you should wait a bit with the reservation – the second half showed a Bayern, which was greatly irritated by the system change of the opposing coach Julian Nagelsmann (four- instead of Dreierabwehrkette). The own coach – see above – did not respond.

The game is later inflated into a kind of coach battle

So there was already a lot of what you need to know about this league and its traditionally best team in this fourth match day. For the coach Kovac, the post-processing of this game, for example, was not so good news, he had to experience how the game was later inflated to a kind of coaching battle, with the compromising and a little exaggerated subline: Nagelsmann coaches Kovac! Thus, the second half drew the eye on the scenario that should now face the League: The Bavarians have proved themselves in Leipzig that they have the best by far squad of the league, but they also know the obstacles on the long Way to the finish. With every little step from the way they threaten immediately a climate-threatening coach debate, and so the season could be more than ever a coaching season: If the Bayern make their life difficult with their own Kovac debate, the coaches of the real and maybe even half-real rivals need to be prepared.

The Bundesliga will have to rise as a group, the second half of the top game reads like a challenge to the coaches in Leipzig and Dortmund. Julian Nagelsmann will have to coach his new Leipzig team courageously, but also stably, and Lucien Favre's job will be to get the whims of his hard-talented team under control. But the coaches in Leverkusen, Gladbach, Wolfsburg and maybe even in Paderborn may feel encouraged by the sight of this top game: The Bayern are much too good for them – but that does not mean that they win.

Bundesliga Neuers national matter

New national matter

"I think I'm doing very well": Manuel Neuer has regained his goalkeeping aura. The Endzeitgeflüster from the preseason is gone.By Christof Kneer

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