American Football Who are the 10 most unrecognized players in the...

Who are the 10 most unrecognized players in the SEC?


One of the strengths of the preseason football season is that coaches and media honor the best players in the league … unless your name is one of those not on the list. . Of course, it's a league of stars, but some types, for better or for worse, are neglected. It is in this spirit that we chose to distinguish 10 of the most underrated players in the league – those who play, but did not get the honors of the SEC. And here's a thought – we bet half or more of these guys will win honors throughout the SEC.

Felepe Franks, Florida

OK, the honors of the third team went to Kellen Mond (57% completions, 135 QB) and Joe Burrow (58% completions, 133 QB), but not to Franks (58% completions, 143 QB, 24 hit at 6 interceptions)? Of course, he's had some tough times, but his past production alone (not to mention his multitude of excellent receivers) makes Franks' lack of love a bit overwhelming.

Scottie Phillips, Ole Miss

All that Phillips did last year for the Rebels was rushed to 928 yards and a dozen touchdowns. He averaged 6.1 yards per race, and his toughest enemy was his own injury problems. Lamical Perine and JaTarvious Whitlow are both good advocates, but they have no better case than Phillips, who, along with Snoop Conner, will make a big tandem at Oxford this fall.

Quartney Davis, Texas A & M

It's odd that pre-season voters bought the Mond, but not his best target, the 6-2 junior catcher who scored 45 points for 585 yards and 7 goals in 2019. Given the growing confidence of Jimbo Fisher in Mond, and the loss of all Jace Sternberger, Davis will be among the league's best receivers – but this is not an All-SEC selection in pre-season.

Cheyenne O'Grady, Arkansas

The Georgian Charlie Woerner (11 assists, 148 yards, 0 touchdowns) was chosen from the SEC players, despite the addition of former Tennessee player Eli Wolf, of the Bulldogs, but n & # 's 39 did not include O 'Grady, a ball of 6 to 251 pounds. rock of a catcher who caught 30 balls for 400 yards and 6 scores last year. Given Arkansas's talent problems, look for the Arkansas offense to run and hit O'Grady as often as possible as soon as he comes back from a knee sprain.

Trystan Colon-Castillo, Missouri

The junior center of 6-4, 315 pounds has started every game of the past two seasons of the Tigers. It's no coincidence that Mizzou only allowed 26 sacks in these games, which is more than two full seasons. To take a step back, the Tigers' defense counted 60 sacks during the same period. The Missouri offensive is as disheartening as the SEC, and Colon-Castillo is a major contributor to this success.

D.J. Wonnum, South Carolina

Of course, Wonnum has been injured for most of the 2018 season, and some will sleep on him for that reason. But let's not forget that in 2017, he launched the "All-SEC" training with 57 tackles, 7.5 tackles for defeat, including 6 sacks. It's probably not a coincidence that, after missing much of the season, Carolina allowed the team to score one more touch per game in offensive defense, and 57 extra yards per game in defense. total. If South Carolina returns to its 2017 form, Wonnum will be at the heart of this effort.

Monty Rice, Georgia

Of course, UGA lost a ton of talent at the linebacker position. But you could have said the same thing the year before. UGA has a lot of talent and depth, but do not be surprised if Rice ends up becoming a leader of the defense. At 6-1 and 235 pounds, he is strong enough to hit hard and fast enough to fall and cover himself. In a part-time role, he had 59 tackles last season, which earned him third place in the team.

Bryce Thompson, Tennessee

Much of the 2018 season has been a baptism of fire for some young players of the old Rocky Top. The good news is that for guys like Thompson, a promising campaign for 2018 should pay dividends immediately this fall. The real freshman started 10 games last year, making 34 tackles, 7 assists and 3 steals.

The UT side team could be an asset, and Thompson will likely continue to impress in terms of coverage.

Max Duffy, Kentucky

Of course, bettors are not announced at all. And there is no doubt that Braden Mann of Texas A & M is a star. But Duffy, who in his first year in American football, scored 44.8 yards per shot and dropped 30 of his 60 shots out of 20, should catch the eye.

DeVonta Smith, Alabama

Of course, it's easy to say that you can not name a ton of Alabama All-SEC guys every year. But we see experts sleeping on the guy who made the big game of all the big games in 2017, then came back to pick up 42 balls for 693 yards and 6 scores last year? Yes, it would be difficult to overtake him over Jerry Jeudy, Jaylen Waddle and Henry Ruggs. But what about Bryan Edwards in South Carolina or Justin Jefferson of LSU?


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