News Two Spaniards at the Crossfit World Cup: "I didn't...

Two Spaniards at the Crossfit World Cup: "I didn't like to look strong at all"


Sara Alicia Fernndez and Alexander Anasagasti have been the only Spanish representatives in theCrossFit Games, the most important international event of this discipline

Sara Fernndez during her participation in the Games
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TheCrossfitIt is one of the fastest growing sports in Spain recently.In 2016 there were 325boxes (This is how the centers where you train for this discipline are known within the jargon). Now, in March ofthis year a study ofCMDSportcounts a total of 474, 31.5% msThat three years ago. Consequently, they have increased in users, who have spent only in the last 12 months from 77,200 to 94,800 according to this same report.

These data can be seen reflected in the professional competition, which this year has had two representatives in the individual category in theCrossFit Games, the most important event internationally: in the male box,Alexander Anasagasti(Donostia, 1991), and in the feminineSara Alicia Fernndez (Vigo, 1990), winners ofOpenNational this season.

Both come from other sports, and ended up by chance of life being professionals of this discipline that combines tests such as weightlifting, gymnastic rings, or athletics among others. In the case of Anasagasti, it was an alternative to tedious gym work. "I was bored of training weights always in the same way.I feel like having a somewhat more functional body but at the same time continue looking good in the mirror.I didn't like the idea of ​​looking strong and not serving at all", recognizes the Basque.

For Fernndez, it was an alternative after a long history of knee ligament injuries in his time as a futsal player. "After the third operation the doctors told me that I could not return to JuGar and you should look for another sport that was not so aggressive with the joints.It was hard and I was even a little depressed. But shortly after the coach who was rehabilitating my knee encouraged me a lot and told me that I had very good physical conditions and that I could not leave the sport for an injury. He started talking about CrossFit and I was curious. "

A long way togames

After several years of training, they have become the largest references in this sport nationwide. After his last experience inCrossFit Gamesheld this year in Madison, Wisconsin (USA) between August 1 and 4, both return with a bittersweet sensation for having lasted little in competition, but with much learned in the face of the coming seasons. "We were brief. No one likes to compete one or two days in theGames. It has been an unforgettable experience in which earning the right to live it is not an easy task at all, "says the Basque, who was able to overcome the first cut but fell into the second."You have to keep in mind that you are competing against the best in the worlddo, and from there, regardless of position,you will always get something positive", added the Galician, optimistic despite falling to the first change.

Sara Fernndez during her participation in the Games

The two have a very similar view of the fame created around the CrossFit and the injuries it can cause. "He has more things to do for your health than against. No one should be afraid of him, "Alexander says." It's true that you see someboxesin which you work very sharply and project that image abroad. But doing it the right way, I thinkIt is a very complete sport and that does not have to cause injuries. ", indicates the Vigo

Future olympic sport?

Despite competing with the best in the world, none of them live solely from this and combine their work as athletes with another as coaches."Unless you are a world champion it is unfeasible to live from this, as in the vast majority of minority sports. We do not earn much with this, it is a sacrifice and a personal whim, "emphasizes the Donostierra. For Sara Fernndez, focus on preparing forGamesIt has even meant a break with his partner. "Stress and giving everything to achieve your dream creates problems and cracks in your personal life. I have been through a complicated emotional situation over the past few weeks."

After the incursion in the next Olympic Games of disciplines such asskateboardingor surfing, they would like to see CrossFit could end up being part of the most important sporting event in the world. "In competitions you live like an Olympicsfor the way they organize it and the environment. But for now I see it very difficult for it to be an Olympic sport because it is not federated, "Sara acknowledges." Transferring this sport to an Olympic Games will mean establishing a definition of exactly what CrossFit is. I don't think the Olympic Committee is interested in this butI would love that my sport was in the Olympic Games ", Anasagasti reflects, more optimistic and with some hope to fight for a medal in the future.

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