News The Football College Playoff people spend money on everything...

The Football College Playoff people spend money on everything but the athletes


Appearance content – with some people. But it seems not to the paunchy administrators who cheat young captive seven figures, called collegiate athletes directors. If you think this assessment is too hard, see the Ritz-Carlton oceanside holiday resort when the College's Playoff Football selection committee stayed last week, at the expense of children who really play the game.

The 13-member committee will not issue any ranking until November, but in some way, a multi-day conference was needed at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, a California inshore hotel where the holiday rooms start at $ 681 night.

How the chairman of the committee Rob Mullens from Oregon and his colleagues – Joe Castiglione from Oklahoma, Scott Stricklin from Florida, made R.C. Slocum of Texas A&M, Todd Stansbury from Georgia Tech, Gary Barta from Iowa and Terry Mohajir of Arkansas State – justify this summer conference at the Ritz, maybe you would ask? According to the CFP press office, the committee “reviewed the schedule for its weekly ratings, exceeded its protocol, and concluded the list of members re-used” from voting on certain schools. They also departed on how to use their electronics and videos.

Now, see. The schedule for weekly ratings is: They arrive every Tuesday. They always come out every Tuesday.

The “protocol” was written in 2012 and has not changed. And the repetition is quite simple: you can't vote for your own school.

But for some reason these items required deep reflection on the beach at Dana Point.

Mullens and his colleagues did not know that they were trying their best at a few collegiate donors who were departing in the same hotel. This couple, a married couple who consider that they sponsored 100 scholarships at their Big Big alma mater, wrote to me on the things they saw because they were “terrible” and they believe the scene “captures the wrong things” with collegiate athletics. ”

“Meals on the platform looking out to the ocean,” they wrote. “Meeting rooms with ocean views.”

No one can dispute the need to meet at the College Playoff Football selection committee – they certainly need to review their duties and introduce new members to their protocols. And they are certainly entitled to do so at a decent hotel, as they are not paid to sit on the committee, and some of their members are not employed by athletic departments, such as former Army chief Ray Odierno. and NFL Hall from Famer Ronnie Lott.

But the Ritz?

This convicts the senses – and it shows carelessly telling the athletes if it is not serious. Playoff Football College's players are not driven by the huge billion-dollar revenues of Playoff Football – and yet the system is hugely beneficial to everyone. Anyone with a conscience understands that these scholarships are not only reasonable compensation for their brutal work. They face a significant gap between what they create, and what they hold behind the old NCAA rules, and there is a need for change. Legislation such as the “Fair Play to Play” action proposed by California seeks to correct the wrongdoing.

How do these athletic directors have to be going to the Ritz in this climate? Think about what it must be expensive – 13 people for multiple days, plus meeting rooms and meals, plus the flights. The spa in the hotel, which overlooks Dana Point's famous beach, charges $ 245 for 60 minute massage, and the restaurant menus are so elegant that they do not list prices. However, the donor couple – who said folks remain the CFP for three days – helped me pay what they paid at the holiday resorts' house. Protected salad, signed cut and one side dish, no alcohol, coffee or dessert, $ 158.

You know what they say about menus without prices: If you have to ask, you can not become a member of the College Playoff Football committee.

“It seemed so wrong,” said the donor. “When this group is seen to act, it is all about money – their money. I wanted to scream on them, but of course it wasn't. Athletes prefer. ”

Who is in charge of such supervision and approval, you might ask? Well, that is Football Football Playoff's board of management, and the management committee: 11 presidents and a university chancellor, including Greg Fenves of Texas and John Jenkins from Notre Dame, and 10 conference commissioners, such as Jim Delany of the Big Ten and Larry Scott of the PAC-12.

That is to say, the old cushion suits were wearing athletes for years, announcing their incomes for themselves and your colleagues, and enjoying free trade results.

I wrote to some of them to ask, what was achieved at the meeting that a conference call or email chain could not have been delivered? And how do they justify such a cost, since that committee will not issue its first playoff ranking until after week 10 of the season? And how will they stay at the Ritz with the arguments made by some of the same administrators, such as Castiglione, whose annual compensation is over $ 1 million a year, that there is not enough money to pay athletes?

It was the first I tried Mullens, as the committee chairman. Mullens' basic salary at Oregon is $ 717,500 a year, and then its performance and retention bonuses, which will pay another $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 in 2019-2020.

He did not reply to email.

The second email went to Larry Scott, PAC-12 commissioner. After all, Scott sits on the “management committee” which oversees the business affairs of the Football College Playoff, and in 2018 gave evidence in the ongoing case of NCAA resistance that athletes who pay “college purity” of college sports would express, and also. “It creates significant confusion for consumers.” Scott's compensation is $ 5.3 million.

Scott refused to reply. A conference spokesperson wrote, “Thank you for going out but we will comment on the Common Fisheries Policy.”

I ordered similar questions to Mississippi State President Mark Keenum, chairman of the “board of managers.” No answer.

The only response came from Bill Hancock, the long-respected administrator who acts as executive director of Football Football Playoff, and who realizes that he is willing to be a public face for these people. Hancock defended the Ritz visit as a “detailed and extensive meeting that helps us get ready for the season, informing all members so that they are aware of the amount of work required.” it is hoped that the members will review them and while the members, although they are not paid, “expect to have enough time to work and travel.” t

Okay. But that left some questions not yet answered. For example, what it will cost, and whether it was intended to plan such meetings in the future. And if so, where? Town Bay? Kapalua?

This makes me create my own answers. College Football Playoff creates so much money that these administrators do not know what they have to spend on it. They mean spending it a way – on everything but on the athletes.

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