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Spencer Rattler and his 100k Instagram are totally wrong with the culture of American football


For anyone watching the Netflix QB1 series: Beyond the lights of the UK, the series is a huge cultural shock.

And rightly so.

Each series follows three teenage quarterbacks who have been promised to the glory of the NFL. We're watching their high school season with an arrogant head and everyone, from the local shopkeeper to Gatorade's sponsors, explains how it's "the next big thing".

These student-athletes play on state-of-the-art football fields, receive sponsorship contracts at the age of 16, and even participate in media assignments as they live. Match of the day with Gary Linekar.

It's no surprise that the star of season 3, Spencer Rattler, carries the heavy burden of blindly unattractive arrogance. For many viewers, the No. 1 ranked junior quarterback was their favorite at the start of the season.

Yet as his personality began to emerge, Spence became the series program that everyone hoped would fail.

Screenshot: Trailer Beyond S3 Lights – Netflix

What else could we expect?

Junior American football players are treated as leaders of their local community. And if you are the starting quarterback, you are the untouchable king.

It's amazing to see a 16-year-old talking to a national newspaper about his professional ambitions and say he's the first player in the country, just as Spencer did on many occasions in the third season of QB1 .

Even the best young Olympic athletes in the UK are protected from the media, especially to ensure a "feet on the ground" mentality. After all, they are becoming adults and better understanding the decisions of life and responsibility.

Yet Netflix, showing his camera on Spencer's personal life, has hardly changed the outcome of his season. As the country's QB king, his personality was rooted in the kind of senseless arrogance that, it seems, seems to the American, leads to a winning lifestyle.

Spencer showed disgusting shades of intimidation via his treatment of alternate quarterback JD Johnson, rarely offering support or encouragement to his so-called friend. His attitude of "win at all costs", whether it's a friendly competition of lemon compression or a family basketball game at home with his sister, makes you miss his humanity.

But what else should we expect?

It's not Spencer's fault, but the skills and talent he's gifted with. Rather than nurture him and develop him as an athlete and no one, the American football culture requires him to become a glorified NFL quarterback while in reality he could work at Walmart with a misstep.

No wonder Spencer is suspended

Spencer ended the season as an ineligible player at Pinnacle High School, with inconclusive reasoning behind his absence.

However, rumors strongly suggest that Spencer was involved in an offense related to alcohol consumption or drug addiction. According to reports, he was caught smoking grass in the parking lot of a school.

This child had to break school records, lead his team to titles and head to one of the best quarterbacks in the United States, all under the watchful eye of his friends, family, scouts, Netflix and its sponsors.

It is not surprising that the pressure has become too strong and that it needs an emergency exit.

Spencer Rattler on Instagram …

Spencer now has nearly 150,000 subscribers on Instagram.

He is famous for his sport at school.

In the UK, the idea is nonsense, but on the other side of the pond, it's a part of building the character that goes into the culture of creating or breaking the culture of training the next generation of NFL quarterbacks.

For the future of Spencer Rattler, hopefully. Because if he does not do it, there are big mental health problems down the line.



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