News Rameshwar Gurjar wants to beat Usain Bolts records

Rameshwar Gurjar wants to beat Usain Bolts records


Watch out, Usain! That's what you want to call the great Jamaican, who once laid two runs for eternity on the blue track of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin – which is just such an eternity in sports. The 9.58 second world record in which Usain Bolt passed the hundred meters was ten years old last Friday and the 19.19 seconds for the two hundred have a jubilee this Tuesday. Both brands seem unreachable in terms of the performance of the strongest sprinter of these days.

That can change quickly. By the time Bolt hit the world of athletics, 9.7 seconds was the limit of what was possible in the sprint; Asafa Powell held the world record of 9.74 seconds. The world record over 200 meters by Michael Johnson, 19.32 seconds from the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, seemed like the limit of human performance. Bolt broke one of the four fastest times and the other twice.

And now it says: care! This word also exists in Hindi, it is pronounced "dhyaan rahe!". There has to be something of craziness in the Indian media, or crazy madness, as a clip flickers through the world of digital media in which Rameshwar Gurjar, a young man with a mustache, sprints like a tarantula down a paved road. Again and again television stations played the pictures off, on which no start is to be recognized and no goal, but probably that the guy in the pink, sleeveless T-Shirt runs barefoot.

The reporters endorsed the claim that the nineteen-year-old ran the sprint distance in eleven seconds. As proof, they fade in a clock that stops after 00:11 minutes. There is talk of a "breathtaking sprint". The army refused to apply six months ago because it was too small, Gurjar says. He then turned to the sprint and improved from twelve to eleven seconds in just six months. If he is no longer starving, gets a pair of shoes and professional training, he is confident to undercut Usain Bolt's 9.58 seconds, Gurjar said in an interview with The Hindu newspaper.

Why should an Indian athlete fail to do that? The Minister of Sport of Madhya Pradesh immediately invited the promising cowherd to test training in the Bhopal stadium. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the former state president, broadcast the video on Twitter and called on India's central government to provide adequate support. India is blessed with talent. Properly supported, these would come out with flying flags and write history. Almost a year is left until the Tokyo Olympics. The finals in the Hundertmeterlauf take place on 2 August. In the event that we do not hear anything about India's sprint hope, congratulations on attention, ambition and initiative. Not numbers are the most important thing about sports, but happiness and enthusiasm.



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