Football PSG rejects Barça's bid for Neymar ... Luiz Gustavo...

PSG rejects Barça's bid for Neymar … Luiz Gustavo should stay at OM …


10:58: Gripsou> Hi Liver and thank you for these Live mercatos of madness, even if I find you much better in fake number 9 during the live of C1 🙂
About Neymar, I do not understand those people who are happy with his departure. It's such a huge loss for our championship …
But imagine for a moment that it remains and that Paris wins the C1 this year. Neymar takes the golden ball and everyone wins.
It would not be there the plume scenario? What credibility rate do you give to this scenario?

>> Thank you, you know me I am above all in the service of the team and adapt to the tactical desires of our head coach-Raïs to us, the great Bertrand.
To answer your question, I like your optimism but I would say 80% for it remains and 5% for they win the LdC (and 0.1% for the Ballon d'Or). In fact, if it stays, everything will depend on which Neymar we will have. Whatever happens, this summer will leave traces and it will take time before everything is back in place. Then, if it's a Neymar who wants, you can get 10% chance of winning the C1. If he does not want and sulk in his corner you are more than 3%. So much for my wet finger analysis.


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