Orioles are happy that their hell Yankees are around

For the 16th day just on Wednesday, the Glaciers were facing the Yankees and lost.

Subsequently, Dylan Bundy, who is right, admitted that the teams would not meet again until the next season.

“We don't have to play them anymore,” says Bundy after the Yankees 6-5 victory in The Bronx. “I think that's a good thing.”

This is the first time the Yankees won many consecutive games over an opponent in a single season since they won 21 consecutive games against St Louis Browns in 1927.

The Browns Browns are the Baltimore Orioles now – they haven't lost these games in a row with one team since they dropped 17 directly to the Indians in 1954.

Aaron Boone asked the streak “fluky,” noting that the Yankees fell two of the first three meetings of the team this season.

“To have such a run, things have to come up with you, Boone said.

Orioles Manager, Brandon Hyde
Orioles Manager, Brandon HydeGetty Images

“It doesn't feel great, Baltimore's manager, Brandon Hyde, said after the latest losses. “I like how we fought today. We were a little short at times. It is not good to walk out of this after you have lost so much. ”

Before the game, Hyde was more intractable, recognizing how separated the two organizations are.

“We are hard to play, the Orioles first year manager said. “They are a team set up to win the World Series. We are not biased (well) against them this year. That's a big challenge for us. … We are starting from scratch to a little and those guys are trying to win the World Series. You try to stay in the patient and stay positive and you know there are better days ahead. ”

Hyde has already seen transformations. He was a director of Cubs player development in 2013 and was on his training team from 2014-18.

When he worked in the development of players in Chicago, they signed a major international player from Venezuela, Torres Gleyber, who put Hyde and the Orioles in the year.

Wednesday left it duplicate with 1.045 OPS versus Baltimore this year. It was also the second Yankee since 1943 to record 17 extra hits against one season against one season, going with Mickey Mantle, who had 18 against the White Sox in 1957.

Hyde said he first saw Torres in the Dominican Republic after the Cubs signed him and then in the spring training games before Torres was traded to the Yankees in 2016.

“It would come to the big league camp in spring training and it would come in at the end of some games, Hyde said. “You're always doing something like a child, whether he was driving on a low line to the right venue or whether he made drama firmly when you thought, 'This man is going to be a very good player. ”

Now Hyde is looking up again.

“I'm glad that he's doing well, I don't want to see him when we're playing it,” Hyde said.

And he is expected to pay the pound they took from the Yankees somehow down the road.

“We're doing the best we can,” says Hyde. “How you get better than teams is like this. You take some punches on the way. You need to drive that for improvement and you want to be where they are. "

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