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Mind Game: How to get rid of your confusion towards my family?


Monday 12 August 2019

10:44 AM

In the analysis of the mind of the game .. Journey inside the minds of technical managers of both teams and strive to highlight the tactical aspects that existed in the game and add what should be present until the arrival of football in its specialized form within the mind of the reader.

If you ask any of my family what is the question that troubles you at those times? Will you respond to my family or leave ?.

In fact, discussing this requires knowing where Al-Ahli was and where it arrived? Is the new coach expected to use the same names? Are the substitutes worth the chances or do they have a default? Many things will know their answer in the next lines.

Ahli in front of (briefed Libra) was on a picnic before the start of the game, but does this mean that the rival is disregarded whatever his name, especially as the surprises are happening and happened with Egyptian clubs before that in front of modest teams .. Even if the two games will be held in the land of Egypt .. Never have to be reckless.

The best games where you test your abilities as a coach are the games that are formal in front of a competitor that is much less and psychologically you without pressure .. The natural in that the involvement of the core group and test the nearest replacements to participate and not coming from the negotiating session to the bench.

I don't know how well Metwalli, Dieng and Aafsha are ready to go directly to the main list, perhaps if the opponent is stronger and you need new items for injury conditions it will be easy to enter the deals immediately, which often happens in winter deals.

If you look at the formation of Al-Ahli you will find that Rabia returned as the trio of attack behind Azzaro from the winter deals in addition to Hamdi Fathi, that half of the team of the new it is not reasonable to involve any new player without knowing the system of play for the group .. But is there a system of play In Ahli ?.

Before I answer you Valahli with Lasarti presented two different performances .. The first Bajayi as a spearhead and the second Bzaro as a spearhead and here we can determine the answer to the question that worries you towards Lasarti.

Lasarte sees Azzaro as a player who can create opportunities (it is he misses them), but he scores, wastes, makes and runs, offering many things to forgive.

But I see that the biggest problem is not only in Azzaro, but in Al-Ahli's wings, specifically in Ramadan Sobhi.

Ramadan can pass through any defender in Egypt if there is a small area behind this defender, but the crisis is that the competitors always direct the right grab to the right back to close those spaces Ali Sobhi .. Somewhat similar to what Liverpool's rivals are doing with Mohamed Salah .. It took months for Juergen Klopp to find a tactical remedy for that crisis by returning Henderson to his old position.

The system of playing in Al-Ahly now makes the wings a mere (ambush point) until the emergence of pleurisy. With a pass Saleh collected, or made for Azaro as he did yesterday. But this role was played by Azzaro and played solly yesterday .. How so ?.

The wings of any team are not required to make crosses only, they must be influential in the (system of play) it is not normal to remain all of his task to stand on the ball until the work over the lab by the back of the forehead .. The winger either skips the rival full back or However, the defender must surpass the goal because his success is equal to 50% of the goal.

In the penalty kick caused by Al Soulia (Azzaro who lifted the ball) and in the third goal ball was Al Soulia is the one who sends the cross to Azzaro .. Things contained in football, but the roles of the wings must change.

I give you an example .. Ramadan stands on the ball and waits for Maaloul, who in turn kicks off the arrow and sends the occasional inside the box .. Who will be in the area? Azzaro! Probably Saleh, Hussein Al-Shahat rarely, Solihiya or Hamdi slightly .. The places of distribution of players reduce the chances of scoring achieved and the number and quality as well and thus reach Al Ahli to the penalty area of ​​the opponent, but without risk.

Therefore, you need one of three solutions to the crisis of Ramadan, the first is to make Al-Solih or Saleh penetrate behind the right back of the opponent, but Ramadan does not often pay from outside the opposite foot, or that Ramadan joins the depth and exploit his physical strength to protect the ball and become a semi-striker on the sides. Or that Azzaro stand right hand grab in an attempt to stop him and personally the best fourth solution .. See more than an alternative to Sobhi.

This is the best thing he did for my family yesterday. The best (incentive) in my view of development is the player's feeling that he can lose his basic position, as the Uruguayan used that principle with Ramadan and with a trio behind the striker for Ahli and replaced them successively with Ajay, Geraldo and Ahmed El Sheikh. It (motivation) with Azzaro himself.

In other words, I would have preferred Azzaro to come out on the third change with Ajayi back in the center of the spearhead to experience the game of LOADING & ISOLATION in the middle and then the parties will find the wings or midfielders in individual confrontations with the goalkeeper (remember Al Ahly vs Simba in Cairo).

Simba is undoubtedly stronger than at least 10 times of (Tell Barra) and Ahli then scored five in one half and more convincing performance, thanks in my view back to Ajay and Nedved and if Al-Ahly now lacks the player closest to the specifications of Nedved or Mohamed Mahmoud, a large part of the improvement The team was formed when Ajayi spearheaded. Ajayi may not create speed races with defenders like Azzaro, but he will certainly create more opportunities for his teammates.

The experience of Ahmed Sheikh, who almost occupied a key position before the injury deported him a lot is very important and in my opinion more important than Metwalli or Afsha or Dieng, especially since (Tell Libra) did not threaten Al-Ahly goal and therefore will not find Metwally offers the role of Nesta, nor Dieng will turn to Makelele, perhaps But what is missing Ahli is not the final touches before, but the final touch.

So logically I think that the resolution of the first leg is the best before starting to experiment with other elements, Ahmed Sheikh deal with the ball in tight places and adjust the position of his body and his left foot to the right, which is rare in Ahli except (Alqidum) Walid Suleiman and Mahmoud Wahid .. Ajayi shot The bar at one touch with Giraldo's attempts .. Substitutes have created a real competition in the positions needed by Ahli before the defense and the center.

Ahli until the match in Vitaclub in Kinshasa was one face and then another face .. Ahli his problem in the registration and not in the industry or in the protection of goal, and Ayman Ashraf in my opinion, one of the best tactical players that you must rely on in the domestic and African games at home.

Azzaro occupied a key place with Al-Badri, Carteron and LaSarte, so the substitutes should do their best to wait for a frequent chance to change the convictions of the coach, or to have one like (Carles Blanchette) to rely more on him to know the competitors and the best team.

Sheikh Taha Ismail, a member of Al Ahli's planning committee and analyst of On Sport, was unhappy with the performance and the camera on the pitch showed the same impression on Bebo's face in the stands.

Finally, in order to avoid any dangers Ahli management to hold a session with my family for 45 minutes only to watch the first half of the game Simba, and then provide a small paper for Martin written in it .. We want this performance again .. I believe you say these seemingly simple things change a lot Of the mentors of foreign coaches.

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