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The Community of Madrid consolidates its hegemony in professional football. When the ball starts rolling next Friday for the first time in the 19-20 season there will be Most Madrid teams between First and Second Division. This campaign, the region will feature Real Madrid, Atlético, Getafe and Leganés in the highest category, and Fuenlabrada, Alcorcón and Rayo Vallecano in what is now known as The SmartBank League. A total of seven teams and one more than Andalusia, which loses its supremacy by the descent of Córdoba and the irruption of Fuenlabrada. The Andalusians will have this year with Sevilla, Betis, Granada and in a lower ranking Málaga, Cádiz and Almería.

For the first time since the year 2000 Madrid beats Andalusia as a region with more teams in both categories most important in Spain. That year the central community had Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Rayo in Primera, and in Segunda el Leganés, Getafe and Atlético de Madrid B. Andalucía had Betis, Sevilla and Málaga in the highest category, and only with Córdoba and Recreativo de Huelva in the silver division.

The community in the south of the country has been the absolute dominant in terms of teams in the elite during the 21st century. Moreover, it holds the record in the 03-04 and 07-08 campaigns, with eleven teams between First and Second.

Another community that brings a large number of clubs to the Santander League is the Basque Country, tied with four sets with Madrid (Athletic Club, Real Sociedad, Alavés and Eibar). Instead, Castilla y León In Second, he joined the domain of Andalusia and the capital with three teams (Mirandés, Numancia and Ponferradina).

Graphic about the teams in First and Second Division in Spain
Graphic about the teams in First and Second Division in Spain – ABC

Madrid's success has not arisen by chance. This is corroborated from the Madrid Football Federation (FFM), where they explain that one of the main keys of this golden age of the teams of the region is the «quality of the coaches», since from the FFM they allocate «grants for the formative level so that the clubs have the best preparation qualified as possible ”, explains a member of the organization.

Another aspect in which the Federation plays a crucial role for the future of Madrid football is the commitment to the quarry. The "100,000 federated clubs in Madrid" require a rigorous organization and have the best instruction. To do this, "we invest in material for the clubs, in addition to the creation of a new category:" Debutants ", a pre-Benjamin ladder, for those born in 2013."

This season, the Alcorcón will meet ten years in professional football. As a club already consolidated in the Second Division, it points out that one of the fundamental pillars of its success "is the illusion" with which they face each campaign. From the club in the south of Madrid, they point out that one of the keys to their permanence in Segunda is that they continue with "the same model they had in Second Division B, betting on the quarry." Therefore, the income they have been getting over these years has been used to take care of their lower categories: "We have increased the issue of the quarry since we have no facility to sign," they explain from the club.

Andalusia has twice had eleven teams between First and Second Division

The arrival of Fuenlabrada a Second may be beneficial for Alcorcón, since “most of the budget comes for television rights. On a social and image level, it can help to have more teams in Madrid. The incentive is rivalry ».

The Fuenlabreño club already notes "the highest level of demand from one category to another" as they must now "fine-tune the club at the level of communication, budget and sports." Now they face "a great workload because they must" change the work dynamics and adjust it to new professional demands, "they explain.

The absence of La Rioja and Murcia

The 42 clubs that make up national football are divided into 15 autonomous communities of the 17 that make up the Spanish territory. With the rise of Santander Racing, the only ones left without representation are The Rioja Y Murcia. La Rioja clings to the good work of Logroñés, which this year was defeated by the Hercules in the playoff of promotion to Second. The Murcia region, on the other hand, has a more convulsive future.

The Real Murcia Since the administrative decline in 2014, it has been relegated to the background even in the Mediterranean region itself. The UCAM He has shown more reliability to ascend, since in 12-13 and in 16-17 he was in Second, one step more than his neighbors.

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