American Football Liam Rosenior: Derby coach on diversity, the "Rooney Rule"...

Liam Rosenior: Derby coach on diversity, the "Rooney Rule" and working with Cuckold


In January, Liam Rosenior will be joined in Derby by former England captain Wayne Rooney, who will join Pride Park as a coach.

"For me, the big day is when we see women leaders, black women, white women – whoever it is – find a job as long as they are simply the best people for them."

Joining the new coaching team in Derby County, led by Phillip Cocu, three-time Dutch title winner, took Liam Rosenior nearly 15 years.

The move also comes a month after the English Football League made it mandatory for clubs to interview at least one black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) candidate when they are looking for a new director of the first team.

The settlement, known unofficially as the "Rooney Rule" – named after the chair of the NFL's Diversity Committee, Dan Rooney, who helped establish politics in American football – is a topic on which Rosenior has spoken at length in the past.