News Lessons Andrew Luck Must learn jets about Sam Darnold's...

Lessons Andrew Luck Must learn jets about Sam Darnold's interests


A few hours before the Jets started their pre-season match with the Saints on Saturday night, general manager Joe Douglas was speaking to reporters in a room near the staff's locker room.

“It's always a point of emphasis,” Douglas said just before leaving the room.

The “It” in this case was Douglas's attack line. A few hours later when the news broke Colart quarterback Andrew Luck quit, I thought about what Douglas said.

It is better to be true… for Sam Darnold's sake.

Luck's early retirement came after adverse years affected him. Some of these injuries were a direct result of the Colts failing to find the appropriate aggressive line before him until last year. Luck spent much of his life and as a result he stopped that career before he turned 30.

The fourth revocation is the most valuable commodity in sport. Without it, NFL teams seem to receive their tails every year.

But it is only enough to have a quarter revocation. This is proof of this. Teams must be able to contribute to that fourth quarter.

The lesson must be taken by the Jets from watching the Ark's occupation. Luck was the second ESPN number, Mel Kiper Jr, as the second fifth highest quarter of the college behind John Elway. But the Colts now walk away from the era of the Place without Lombardi Trophy or Super Bowl look.

Quarterbacks itself, not even the best of them. Essential components are like aggressive line, weapons, defense and training team if you want to win Super Bowl.

How many of these boxes can now check the Jets? They think the coaching team and Adam Gase as head coach and Gregg Williams are running the defense. They added LeVeon Bell and Jamison Crowder to give Darnold some goals, but they could use more weapons. The defense needs work and makes the line aggressive. This is the challenge for Douglas.

There are a number of franchise revocations in the series which showed great potential, but their teams were not able to win it all. Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers are small examples. Probably all are more capable than Eli Manning, but would their career be better? Manning has two Super Bowl rings because of his talent but also because he had great teams around him.

Dan Marino is the fourth patron who has never had a great team. The Dolphins have struggled over the years to put a talent around it and they never found it leaving one of the biggest quarters without a ring.

The Douglas Jets hired because they believe he is a team builder with a scouting eye. He is an aggressive former man, and Douglas knows the importance of the job. It has already shown that it respects the position of signing the Kalil Ryan center in a training camp and in guard guard Alex.

The Jets have long sought to plot the aggressive line instead of compiling premium draft sticks to fix it. Vlad Duccasse in 2010 was the last aggressive man who drafted the Jets in 2010 by Mike Tannenbaum – three general managers since then.

The Jets cannot waste Darnold and his main waste to Luck.

Joe Namath, the legend of the artists, visited a training camp a few weeks ago. He was praising Darnold and then he informed those who are around them in the quarter.

“I know it's a team game, and I often said this: Archie was the best quarter I have seen, and this is probably the first Manning in the Hall of Fame, but he didn't have any team. , ”Said Namath. “It was with the New Orleans Aints. It is a team game. … Sam had to help on both sides of the ball. He can play. ''

It can. The Jets now need to give him what he needs to win.



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