News Carlos Vela's injury shows why LAFC is not the...

Carlos Vela's injury shows why LAFC is not the same without it


The result of the game was secondary school.

The ice pack was wrapped back to the right front with Carlos Vela more important for LAFC through some size orders than the orders 3-3 pulled it to rescue against the Galaxy or the two-goal deficit is destroyed Sunday night at the Bank of California Stadium.

With only seven games left in the regular season, the most valuable player was injured in Major League Soccer.

The MLS Cup felt meant to be LAFCs as if it were available.

There was a danger that the historic season for the player and franchise could lead to disappointment.

The Coach Bob Bradley described Vela's following as “wiring the string.” T

“I don't think it is really bad,” said Bradley, putting off his knitting on the table where he was sitting for the post-match news conference.

Bradley acknowledged, however, that it would not be certain about his star-player's condition until the team receives the results of the MRI examination planned by Vela on Monday.

“Carlos, just over a year and a half or whatever, every day and then, he feels a bit tight,” Bradley said. “There was nothing bad yet. I hope that is so. ”

Vela of the game was removed in the 61st minute, eight minutes after scoring to destroy the 3-1 deficit. Earlier it was checked by the staff medical team.

His language body expressed the view that he could continue. When he left, Vela looked down the line at Bradley and his arms stretched out. As Vela took the lead on a LAFC bench, Bradley put a hand around the striker and spoke a few words to him.

Carlos Vela LAFC celebrates after scoring against the Galaxy during the second half of a 3-3 Sunday tie.

Carlos Vela LAFC celebrates after scoring against the Galaxy during the second half of a 3-3 Sunday tie.

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Before taking a seat, Vela concentrated on the cushion chair. He was forced to share his frustration with the part of the home crowd who understood the implications of what might have happened.

LAFC has an unusual group of talented players, particularly for this series, and a proactive system that allows them to grow. But Vela is the reason that LAFC staff would otherwise be very good.

It is a truly outstanding player who put Barcelona in Spain in the season, Vela can change the game itself, providing the LAFC with another type of attack when its collective approach fails.

As long as the injury was caused by Vela and LAFC after the game, the reality is that there is nothing like a mini-safety problem. Injuries like this. Even if they are not hard enough to put aside a player, they can relieve it.

Without Vela at full speed, LAFC is not LAFC.

LAFC Carlos Vela celebrates with colleagues after scoring during the second half of 3-3 Sunday with the Galaxy.

Carlos Vela celebrates the LAFC with colleagues after scoring during the second half of a 3-3 Sunday tie with the Galaxy.

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Until Brian Rodriguez took over a new Vela, the game was shaping a deeper depth of the LAFC. With Vela scoring the 27th consecutive goal in the 53rd minute to balance the game at 3-3, Bradley's team beat a serious start to secure a point.

LAFC had difficulty in developing aggressive rhythm in the first half, with Jonathan dos Santos blocking runways and tackling midfields in a timely manner for the Galaxy.

The home team failed to keep track of the new Galaxy attacker, Pavon Pavon, which enabled him to introduce the ball in the third and final part of the second minute and to start Zlatan Ibrahimovic's initial goal.

Latif led the boy in the 12th minute to balance the score, but another LAFC defense error in the 15th minute allowed the Galaxy to reclaim the lead. Fabio Alvarez played a ball over the top to Ibrahimovic, who was outside, but the play was allowed to go ahead because the ball went off the head of the defender's jumping Walker Zimmerman. Ibrahimovic danced around Tyler Miller's goalkeeper and returned the Galaxy to 2-1.

Zimmerman was also involved in the next goal, as Pavon cut off from the left in the 16th minute and dropped a low shot that beat Miller out for the nearby job.

Dos Santos put down a significant delay as the game progressed. LAFC found more gaps in front of his opponent's back line, from which he could play the ball around the world and take advantage of the weak backup of the Galaxy. A cross by Steven Beitashour resulted from the last right line in the first half of the stop, another ball was loose before the target that the Blessing turned on target.

Only the time before LAFC tied the score. Vela made the honors, giving life from Mark-Anthony Kaye on the right hand side of the penalty box and deflecting a shot at goalkeeper David Bingham.

The stadium broke with heart.

By the end of the night, however, none of this data was so great. What was important, which would determine where the LAFC would come from, was not yet known.


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