Sport Yoka: "I dropped the horses, it was great"

Yoka: "I dropped the horses, it was great"


The French heavyweight won by referee's decision in the third round against German Alexander Dimitrenko in Antibes. After a year of suspension, the Olympic champion has signed a convincing return.

In Antibes

A quick return is done well. Highly anticipated, the French heavyweight did not make the half-measure Saturday night in Antibes. Despite everything, Tony Yoka was tense when he crossed the ring ropes for his comeback fight, suspended for a year for missing three anti-doping tests, against Germany's Alexander Dimitrenko (35th in the world). "I did not want to do a rehearsal fight within reach, I had already lost enough time," declared the Olympic champion, smiling. In the first round, Tony Yoka opted for minimal risk-taking by conducting an observation round, while seeking to send impacts to the body in a direct line. Heavy hooks in the ribs were exchanged between the two boxers in the next recovery, a sign that the fight had really started. Tony Yoka willingly relinquished some of the center of the ring, taking two no-strokes to be hit as little as possible. "I really felt the heaviness of these jabs, I did everything not to taste his right," he admits, with a small smile.

"With the stress and the lack of rings, I was afraid of not delivering my boxing. Finally not at all … I dropped the horses, it was really great! "

Tony Yoka

The pressure on Tony Yoka's shoulders did not stop him from winning the referee's decision in the third round, after a well-orchestrated attack by a heavy right followed by a quick uppercut back arm always in the face. Upright but completely shaken by Tony Yoka's power, Alexander Dimitrenko knew he was doomed by not being able to recover enough. "With the stress and the lack of rings, I was afraid of not delivering my boxing. Finally not at all … I dropped the horses, it was really great! "Exclaims Yoka, in front of the reporters in the post-fight zone.

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It was more than a minute before Alexander Dimitrenko hoped to blow in the third and recover his spirits in his corner. A luxury that immediately deprived Tony Yoka chained directly when he stood up, deemed fit to resume the fight by the referee. Unable to contain the physical power that emanated from his evening opponent, Alexander Dimitrenko was stopped by the referee as half of his body crumbled beyond the strings of the ring relaxed by his 119 kilograms. Tony Yoka will return to the ring on September 28 in Nantes, alongside Souleymane Cissokho, victorious by K. O at the liver in the fifth round against the Argentine Jose Carlos Paz. The conquest continues.

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