Yanpees fielder centerer Aaron Hicks enjoying an offensive break

First bat.

How long does Aaron Hicks give himself to start to feel good at the plate every year. Most of them usually come during spring training.

But Hicks didn't do this this year.

After signing a $ 70 million sign, Hicks soon exceeded the Graffruit Men's League. Then a few more. Then cortisone shot, and a week later, second cortisone shot. He lost Open Day, then the first six weeks of the season. It did not return until 15 May, it did not cross the benchmark 100 at this bat until June 19.

In his final 16 games, including a 2-for-4 Monday night effort in the loss of Yankees for the Rays, Hicks have been hit by Hicks with 1.026 OPS and four home races – the kind of production the Yankees wants in the center. Maybe there's something with that mental baseline.

“I think I'm just better with the game,” Hicks said. “I'm starting to be on time now with my bats.” T

Hicks explains that concept – being on time – as it is possible to connect with all the small places that a bat roost has. Looking for one park and being able to hit another. Hard parks to knock out. The battle of the battle in a small battle is every pitch.

In the spring, you can play around, because the result is not involved. As he did not have the opportunity, he said, his issues arose earlier in the year.

“It enables you to work on things,” said Hicks. “Let yourself go to two strikes and try to kinda cope with it. Work on hitting early in the count. He is only working on trying to hit clapping up the middle. Stay aside. ”

Hicks has dealt with injuries during his career – a reality which he suggests is not able to pick things up in the second half. “I always look when I am hot, when I start to hurt,” he said. But since he was with the Yankees, he did not lose the start of the season – until at least 2019.

He played 137 games in the professions in 2018, and he played well to get that extension thereafter. It is easier to be consistent when your body gives you the opportunity to do so.

“The type of player I started coming out, as far as production comes,” Hicks said.

The Yankees hope that the same thing is happening this year.

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