Work Cries & # 39; Errors & # 39; As figures show, almost 700 public tennis courts are closed under the Tories

Work Cries & # 39; Errors & # 39; As figures show, almost 700 public tennis courts are closed under the Tories

As Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic prepare for face at the Center Court at the Wimbledon Men's Final, Labor cries "errors" over the loss of public tennis courts.

New figures obtained by the House of Commons Library party show that 677 courts have been closed down by conservative governments since 2010.

Tom Watson, Deputy Director and Shadow Culture, Media and Sports Secretary said the trend should stop if Britain were to educate a new generation of first-class tennis players to compete in future Grand Slam tournaments.

The figures – taken from Sports England – showed that the number of publicly available courts fell from 14,539 in January 2010 to 13,862 in January this year – a decrease of almost 5 percent.

Some 159 courts were lost from schools, as the total dropped from 2,465 to 2,306. And the publicly available courts that disappeared included 371 who had disabled access.

Sir. Watson said the cuts were "a consequence of the nine-year Tory contamination that has damaged the supply of grassroots sports facilities across the country" and had also seen 2,488 grassland away from schools throughout England.

Sir. Watson said, "It's been a brilliant couple of weeks at Wimbledon. People all over the country have had the very best of world tennis talent.

"We want this to continue, but this Tory government beats the public sports facilities and jeopardizes our sporting future. We have lost over 600 tennis courts since 2010 due to endless Tory hassles. This has to stop.

"If we want to nourish the next generation of world-class British tennis sales, this government must put an end to its tightening drive today."

A government spokesman said: "Sport and physical activity have a unique power to increase physical and mental well-being, and connect people of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, we invest over one billion pounds to encourage more people, especially those from under-represented groups, to to be more active.

"Local authorities will have access to $ 46.4 billion this year, an increase in real-time terms that will strengthen services, support communities, and help afford their residents' needs."

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