News With a triumph is not enough

With a triumph is not enough


In its eighth edition it is completely settled in the summer calendar despite being unique in its kind. The Bizkaia Team Tournament starts today in the pediments of Etxebarri (17.00 hours) and Barakaldo (17.30) with the quarterfinals. They enter in liza four of the six sets who participate in a competition in which a single win is not enough. The squads have to measure their strengths in the three modalities of the professional ball – hand-held, pairs and four and a half – so it is necessary to take at least two matches to be in the next round.

In the factory town starts the branch of Aspe. Zabala and Darío face in the whole field in a La Rioja duel in which we must see the evolution of the young Logroño before the champion of the specialty in the promotion category. In the second duel Ezkurdia and Martija will have as rivals Altuna III and Rezusta, a combination of many carats that was greased last Tuesday in Amorebieta, where it was possible to see a much improved Rezusta. Si managed to offer the same version, the navarro bodyguard will have work. In the happy paintings a beautiful struggle is presented.

To finish, Peio Etxeberria also measures his evolution against a veteran like Retegi BI inside the 'cage'. Generational duel that can be decisive in the future of the tie. The winning team is expected on Thursday in Ermua, which hosts this tournament for the first time in its traditional Santiago festival. Elordi, newly renovated for two years, Elezkano II and Zabaleta, they are going through a good time, and the dangerous Jaka will then enter the scene.

The branch of Baiko Pilota opens in Etxebarri with the duel of the hand in hand between Agirre and Urretabizkaia. A striker against a defender, but the Gipuzkoa is one that does not wrinkle.


Urrutikoetxea and Mariezkurrena II will return to form together to measure themselves to Artola and Albisu. The Biscayan and Navarre have not yet won a clash together since it was known that they were going to form a couple because they lost in Sestao and in the San Fermin Tournament they could only play one of the two matches due to the injury of the forward's hands. On Friday night the Zaratamo returned to scene in Arrigorriaga accompanied by Larunbe and fell (22-20) against Olaizola II and Aretxabaleta. In this way the Goizueta broke his bad run of results since his return from injury. The confrontation between Víctor and Bakaikoa in the bounded will complete the appointment.

The winners will have to visit the fronton of Zierbena on Sunday where Arteaga, Olaizola II-Aretxabaleta and Laso are waiting for them in the semifinals. In none of the first two matches there is a clear favorite. The demand is maximum in all encounters and the players must think as a team to reach the final on August 20 in Bizkaia.

The data


The pelotaris of each company play in a branch and will only be in the final on August 20

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