News Wimbledon - Djokovic deserved to win - Sport

Wimbledon – Djokovic deserved to win – Sport


  • Novak Djokovic wins the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer, although the Swiss wins more points and beats significantly more winners.
  • As Djokovic is asked after the final, why he could win this game, he calls a reason: his self-confidence.
  • The Serb always plays hardest when he is under pressure.

It was four hours and eleven minutes played in this Wimbledon final, when Novak Djokovic had a match ball against him and his opponent Roger Federer stormed the net. But the Serb managed a forehand passing ball, which dripped in the field next to Federer at an almost impossible angle unreachable. Djokovic was back in this Wimbledon final, he managed the re-break. 45 minutes later, the world number one had the Swiss downed with 7: 6 (5), 1: 6, 7: 6 (4), 4: 6 and 13:12 (3).

Federer had scored 218 points in this match, Djokovic only 204. Federer served better, beating 94 winners, Djokovic only 54. Federer completed 78 percent of all net attacks successfully, Djokovic only 63 percent. But in the end, the Serb won – and deserves it, although many saw it differently on Center Court.

Tennis Completely exhausted after the big triumph

Djokovic defeats Federer at Wimbledon

Completely exhausted after the big triumph

Such a distance has never been so: In the longest men's final of the Wimbledon history defended a great Djokovic his title – Federer forgives match balls and quarrels.By Barbara Klimke, London

Djokovic fought in the match on Sunday, which started in the afternoon and ended in the night, against two opponents: against the Wimbledon record winner Federer, who presented himself in a captivating manner, and against the adored in Federer audience that any mistake of Djokovic celebrated. Nevertheless, Djokovic was simply unbeatable on this final day.

"This match had everything"

Whenever needed, Djokovic was there. The second set he gave away with 1: 6, completely lost the thread, seemed unsure, finished it with a double error. But as soon as the third movement began, the 32-year-old stopped again. Three times in this final, the decision fell in a tie-break, three times allowed Federer then inaccuracies and slight mistakes, while Djokovic's balls scratched the lines then.

When Djokovic was asked after the final, why he could win this game, he mentioned exactly one reason: his self-confidence. "I had the most physically demanding match against Rafael Nadal in the final of the Australian Open in 2012, which lasted almost six hours," said Djokovic, "but psychologically, that was a different level today because of everything, I was one point off the match This match had everything. "

This strong self-confidence, which even forces a Federer to his knees, had been completely lost by Djokovic some time ago. After his French Open victory in 2016, the Serb fell into a deep hole, he was injured, had private problems, on the court he was not in the thing, he was vulnerable. But exactly one year ago at Wimbledon, he managed the miraculous return. He triumphed in the final against Kevin Anderson, then won the US Open and the Australian Open. Four of the last five Grand Slam tournaments, he finished as the winner, only at the French Open Nadal won. In the world rankings Djokovic has 12415 points, the second placed Spaniard only 7945 – an exceptional advantage.

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