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Wimbledon 2019: The reinvention of Federer for his assault on the ninth crown at Wimbledon




With 37 years and 340 days, the Swiss is the second oldest player to reach a Grand Slam final in the professional era.

Federer volley during his match against Nadal.

A colossal Roger Federer put an end to the Spanish presence in Wimbledon by defeating Rafael Nadal in his first match in the tournament since the unforgettable final of 2008. To be the Swiss who disputes tomorrow the title against Novak Djokovic, who took off Roberto Baptist in the first semifinal. The victory of Federer has a huge significance, to be produced against the rival who became his true scourge during many moments of his career and had returned to win a little over a month ago in the same round of Roland Garros.

This time it was he who played at home, on the same stage where he has raised the cup eight times and where he also superseded Nadal in the 2006 and 2007 finals. The grass is something else, no matter how much he tries to approve the rest of the surfaces and that tennis players alien to it, with Nadal at the head, have shown a magnificent process of adaptation.

Being the thirty-first final of the Grand Slam for Federer, who is re-engaged in a fight that had been left out since his victory at the Australian Open in 2017. With 20 majors, has the opportunity to open again gap with respect to Nadal, who after winning his twelfth title in Paris has narrowed more than ever the distances, to be placed with 18, and with his next adversary, which he treasures 15. With 37 years and 340 das, is the second oldest player to reach a Grand Slam final in the professional era, after Ken Rosewall, who did it twice: in this tournament, in 1974, with 37 years and 340 days, and in the same year at the US Open, with 39 years and 310 days.

Australia 2014

Ten times winner in Halle, Federer imposed the premises of the game from a frentico first set, that decided after tuning in the tiebrake. It's been a while since he hit the key to neutralize Nadal on quick surfaces, as evidenced by the fact that he has beaten him in the last seven games over them. You have to go to the 2014 semi-finals in Australia to find the left-hander's most recent victory out of clay.

Nadal knows it. He no longer bases his game solely on percussing with his drive on the revs at one hand of his opponent, but bets to seek more initiative. Their progress is remarkable. Take out and subtract much better and handle a flat revs that allows other alternatives in the construction of the game. It is not by chance that he has reached the semifinals for the last two years, just as he has not lost them against Djokovic and Federer, two very different players, but also of a nature that has little to do with his.

Taken to a much greater demand than the one supported throughout the tournament, before a man who handled the springs of the surface with great care, he did not know how to make the impulse taken after the conquest of the second set, when he saw a quite touched Federer. Soon again at a disadvantage in the third, he hit a slipstream, almost always suffered service and was not comfortable in the return.

Write the script

Federer no longer bleeds so much with his revs, that he can connect on many occasions almost to a boat soon, without conceding a clue. There is much talk, and it is fair to do so, of the work carried out by Nadal to be even more competitive in all scenarios, but the Swiss also participates in a reinvention process that has allowed him to keep open the bid with two men five years younger.

Nothing worked for Nadal as he had done until reaching a semi-final where numerous authorized voices proclaimed him a favorite. It was Federer who wrote the script of the game and who knew how to be hard when he had to engage in longer exchanges than he wanted, particularly during a third set that was crucial.

Djokovic returns the ball against Bautista.

Exemplary of attitude, his hand does not shake in the narrow final margins, when Nadal bram as he has to gala, had a ball of break that would have allowed him to rescue the lost serve and resisted up to four match points. He was applied and patient when he happened to be, as a Novak Djokovic who did not lose face to the match against Roberto Bautista, exemplary in his first semifinal of a tournament of this category.

After taking a jolt of care in the first set, the 31-year-old from Castellón, equalized his match with Djokovic and maintained uncertainty until the third set. Nole, who is not at full capacity and suffers dangerous disconnections, put on the field quality and experience to stand in his sixth final of the tournament, the twenty-fifth of the Grand Slam.

Be the second to dispute with Federer in this same scenario, where he defeated him in four sets in 2015. Bautista returns on Monday to position number 13 of the rnking, which he already occupied at the end of 2016. He has made an excellent tournament, until becoming the Special guest of a semifinals once again embraced by the three great and inexhaustible dominators of the competition and has established itself as one of the rivals that no one wants to have in front.

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