News Wimbledon 2019: Federer defends his Cathedral | sports

Wimbledon 2019: Federer defends his Cathedral | sports


It's 7.40 in London and history gives the umpteenth turn of the screw. The racket Rafael Nadal spits an excessively long backhand and Roger Federer He raises his arms towards the London sky, while his team jumps in unison. His wife, Mirka Vavrinec, jelly and snorts, and David Beckham gives applause from the Royal Box. He has just won the Swiss (7-6, 1-6, 6-3 and 6-4, in 3h 02m) just one month after his opponent had defended before him the strength of Paris. However, the Cathedral also has an owner. He has a blow of poisoned silk and his name is Federer. Will dispute the one of Basel its twelfth end in the All England Tennis & Croquet Club and will aspire this Sunday (15.00) to its ninth scepter in the major British, Novak Djokovic through.

So Federer was vindicated in his yard, in an absolutely decisive stretch of his career because the goal is seen not far away and the bullets to continue expanding his locker of Grand Slam are running out for one and another, and the Serbian will continue to press from behind. He defended his fort and inclined Nadal in the twenty-fourth cross between the two (24-16 in the global, and 10-4 in favor of the Balearic on the big stages), interrupting the beautiful layout of number two during these two weeks. Nadal was sad, with the feeling of having been able to offer a greater resistance yesterday, but surely London is reserving good episodes to come, because he already masters the green code.

The whole pulse went through a very intense emotional intensity. Who would say that both, and two old foxes, not only overcome the thirties but also one of them, the resounding Federer, is heading towards the change of digit. Impressive about those legs. Yes, Nadal's, of course; there is not and there has not been a similar locomotive in the circuit; and yes, also those of the Swiss, because beyond the technique and the dancer there is an inferior train that surely has not spoken everything due. The two of them joined the braves from the first rally, although measuring the distances and the moment of the blow very well because any false step could be decisive.

After a very balanced hour, the first right hand released Federer, and that by then Nadal had already denied the first option of breaking and had shot an impossible ball in the first point of the tie-breaker, pumping it and depositing it on the bottom line to open the door to the ghosts that usually surround their rival in such situations. But the Basel one did not crumble, very warm all afternoon, releasing fire with the drive and well supported by a setback that this time suffered less in the defensive transition. He resisted the constant stalking of the Mallorcan, who came to dominate that tiebreaker (3-2), and counterattacked as only he, master of the boarding, can do it.

Then he disproved the hypothesis that everyone fears: to see himself first below the Nadal that handles like none the long distance of the five sets. That is to say, there would be a battle and a hard one, as the stands claimed. Few similar sensations will be in the sport to the silence that is chewed in the Cathedral, where there is a predilection for the king of the grass although you also have much appreciation to the Balearic Islands. He won the first round Federer (to the art of boat-soon) and in Wimbledon there was a tremor of earth that preceded the great reaction of Nadal, the man who can with everything and that of so many adverse circumstances has escaped.

Newton's law: action-reaction

He tuned the reverse, took advantage of the back step of the adversary and entered the track with bites. Federer had had a double option of break in the third game, but off the fire found a highway and the party went into the dynamics of Newton: action-reaction. It was then Nadal who gave a couple of blows to leave Basilea apparently stunned, because it was only a false illusion. Federer got up, what if he got up. And from one pull to another. Extraordinary the response of the champion of 20 great, that far from shrinking and being carried away by those old imps that appear every time Nadal is on the other side of the network was enlarged. The great dandy he has humility, he also knows how to row. He demanded the situation of pause, of saving himself for a few instants the vertigo and of passing the ball with a less risk point, and he applied it to de-level again.

He was there one of the critical turns of the afternoon, adorned with the pleasant summer sun of London and a pleasant temperature. Everything is little for an appointment of this magnitude. He broke Federer for 3-1 and then raffled off the wall, because he avoided the immediate thrust that Nadal raised, closing him with two balls to equal the set. But he raffled the red line the Swiss and from there he finally took the helm. Few times Fededer had been seen so full, linear and determined in a classic, undertaking the capture of victory with such determination, without the slightest tremble.

Emotionally, getting out of that predicament reinforced him so much that there was no turning back, not even for the Nadal of the seven lives. There is a thorn in Manacor's spine with Wimbledon, while three magnificent opportunities have vanished in the last three years, and he stirred with the bravery that characterizes him. He delivered the service on the final straight and everything was against him, but he did not duck his head in any moment. In the territory in which others had surrendered to the first exchange, he drew a crossed backhand and an inverted right that dilated the irremediable. The fifth attempt was made by Federer. Greatness of the Spanish. He bowed with honors before the Lord of the Grass, that at almost 38 years old is once again one step away from raising another great one. Simply, incredible.

Long life for both of you.

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