News Where is the Sebastian Vettel we met?

Where is the Sebastian Vettel we met?


When an athlete loses focus, when frustration reaches him, what we witness at this moment with Sebastian Vettel happens.

A driver who struggled to get into rhythm in the season, where a young teammate arrived from time to time times below his own, caristmatic and popular.

In the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the world's tetracampéon has hit rock bottom. The same teasing and cheerful guy of Reb Bull, now is a man who looks up to gawky in the red Nomex of Ferrari, with a careless personal arrangement and an attitude of absence.

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At Silverstone, Vettel was overtaken by Charles Leclerc and even by Pierre Gasly the qualification, a clear symptom of his lack of focus.

Then, in the race, it served as 'food' to the ravenous Max Verstappen, who passed it clean, but the wires in the control tower of Vettel's body are disconnected.

The German lost sight of the trace of the track, forgot his braking reference, or even opened his eyes well and crashed in the back of the young Dutchman's car.

At the time, on the radio, he seemed to claim Max's maneuver, but once the race was over he was restored to sanity and, with all the humility of a champion, went to offer an apology to Verstappen for the incident.

A pilot has to demonstrate his mental strength, not when he has the best car on the grid and succeed one after another triumphs and podiums, no, but when you are the victim of a project that does not just match your rival.

Do we ever recover Vettel? Is that emotional and competitive slide your departure from Ferrari? What happened in Montreal ended its confidence in Formula One?

What happened yesterday at Wimbledon gives us two examples of what Vettel has not been lately: Roger Federer, a guy who has seen several calls to take away the prominence of the world of tennis, and a couple have done at alternate times, but He, at almost 38 years of age, is not shy about falling in a tournament, he does not believe that by extinguishing candles in the cake his skills are also consumed. His hunger is permanent his steel resilience.

The other is Novak Djokovic, a guy who can face Federer himself with a double match point swinging over his head in the final of a Grand Slam and replenished.

Otherwise, what happened with Bjorn Borg. He was the best in the world, but one day a young man came to challenge him, that was John McEnroe, and over time he began to beat him more times than he did before his Swedish power. That and other young people who pushed provokes in the 'Ice Man' the loss of taste for the game. He was 27 years old, Vettel is already a man of 32.

That, we need to see Sebastian, the boy who plays with the children's caps and puts names of girls to their cars, that no matter how many young teammates arrive, how many commissioners strip him, how many marks Hamilton breaks is always Vettel, a champion of the world.

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