Watch the comments .. Ramadan Subhi after the inclusion of Ahli

Ramadan Subhi, a player in Huddersfield Town and the Egyptian team, decided to debate the fact that he is going to Zamalek next season.

Ramadan Sobhi, a photograph of Teshirt Al Ahly club through his account on "Instagram", commented: "Ahlawy."

Al Ahli club has officially renewed the loan contract for Homsfield's Ramadan Subhi for a new season, after Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club's president, was appointed to travel to London to complete the contract. In the return of the player Ramadan Sobhi to his ranks.

In fact, Murtaji, accompanied by Nader Shawqi, the player's agent, left for London 48 hours ago to complete the negotiations and agree on the terms of the contract in coordination with Captain Mahmoud Khatib, who was in constant contact with him.

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