News USWNT is not an emotional story told to us

USWNT is not an emotional story told to us


I might party party by nature and nutrition. When I was a child I heard the music from the ice cream truck and then I asked my father to exciting fourth.

“No,” he said, “they play that music when they are out of ice cream.” T

If you have never heard of that one, it is an old one. Otherwise, it is mine. But the danger of being killed as a manicure protects me. Our team won “Our”, didn't they? That's what is involved! USA! USA!

It is a relentless insult: TV requires a smart audience to ignore what they said they only believe. Seconds after the US team won Women's World Cup on Sunday, Aly Wagner, chief analyst Fox, made former U-World Copper.

“The way you built a nation! They somehow took them gender! It's something to see! … They are much more and worse! ”Is that our ears or pancakes?

Against easa? The U.s were the most popular.

They raised gender? It was the Women's World Cup! Even the ladies team might be looking forward to Mike Francesa.

They took a nation? How so? Did Wagner know that this team invited a scorn, turning out as much as would normally and naturally support him? Wagner could not be aware that the people wearing Team USA uniforms represented us “we” and in doing the choreography of the contestants?

Or was Wagner about the impression that Americans can't distinguish between the right and the wrong, and thus provided blind love, drooling, unconditional?

In Sunday's 2-0 Championship over the Netherlands, we examine our goals.

Rose Lavelle scored the second goal, awaiting the arrival of other staff for a group celebration – a beautiful, welcoming scene about what we saw.

The first goal was the work of Alex Morgan, who drew a penalty when the head started. But Megan Rapinoe was the beneficiary. She was assigned and made the PK, which was fully expected to this level.

As her colleagues pushed her to celebrate a goal that didn't belong to her, Rapinoe ran away from them, to the global line that was standing alone and she meets with an all-about-me diva.

The captain of the team, starting when Rapinoe ran half the field to show despicable self-esteem after making her goal against Thailand, should geez, 9-0, have a conversation with Rapinoe, suggesting that she has a bigger class.

But Rapinoe, a geese pig who gave her kiss to the national song about the President Tweet – as if it was her duty to pursue the World Cup games for that purpose – the captain!

It is a little surprise that the winners of Nike's Colin Kaepernick gave the week to put their eyes to Rapinoe to get the commercial face of the team's victory.

As he did four years ago, this team won the blended media when American girls are encouraged to play and break soccer.

But where, according to the US pitches, did the two final branch teams come from Estonia? Girls' soccer has been a huge participation sport in the last 30 years.

I encouraged my daughters towards competitive organized sports. They played tennis, field hockey, soccer and basketball.

Megan Rapinoe
Ali Krieger (l.) And Megan Rapinoe enjoy a USWNT parade in New York City.Getty Images

But I am not more willing to issue female athletes pandering, ripping back, blowing a brace blind than I have for our men's deteriorating social condition.

Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs's tennis match in 1973 was a television news activity and was not designed or taken seriously. He started with King being transported into the Astrodome in a sedan and under pressure from muscular gladiators, brittle feathers.

And it was not taken seriously until later years, when terrible media and filmmakers took it as a day of redemption for young women for every effort.

Jim Spence, an ABC activist who helped to put the event together, listened, read and watched the Riggs match which is of more historical significance – when none of them.

But whether it is 1973 or 2019, we rely on it to believe what we were told, not what we saw, and we don't see.

This U-team did nothing to “promote the gender”, and failed to “per odd” and, because many Americans were unable to accept the United States Team. they just raise the "nation."

MLB is achieved in an all-or-one-thing territory

Since the DH was intended to increase friction balls rather than add strikes to AL of the pots when they were batting, the DH is now a place where hard sand dunes can be tackled by Meat Boats t Mr. T Manfred mortar.

Twins 7, Rangers 4 in 8 ¹ / ings today Saturday: 23 strikes, five from DH. Rays 2, Yankees 1 in 8½ Sundays: 27 strikes per nine. Six times the DH, Nate Lowe four of Tampa Bay, Gary Sanchez twice.

In addition, to address the highest number of people running at home without ever tackling the highest number of strikes, half the story will have to be lost. As it was easier to hit homers, speeding up is the key goal.

And if the balls are so “fixed” and apparently, the marketing genius decreased so the Game clearly your HRs or your strikes.

Worse, if the balls were manufactured for maximum HRs, to fix, if there was a sudden drop in ADs, an implied entry by MLB would have made it pollution of the product and thus damaged it; MLB may be affixed to its own unhelpful devices.

Shame can not be the shame, continued: Game Red Sox-Tigers Saturday, starting at 4:10 pm, ending after midnight. Run the majestic 3:51 game – not to delay rain 4:07 to take into account!

The Mets no longer play Saturday games anymore in the afternoon, a big television market played on the night and staff have a holiday and Uncle Rob Manfred prioritises the children as the main priority of the MLB.

Lay All-Star Game Tuesday out, with kids accompanying players from the dugouts. What is a con.

If, for $ 330 million, does Bryce Harper of Poets give your rat rectum, why should you?

Sunday against the Mets, Harper hit high fly over the third base. After being caught by Todd Frazier, a foul inch, published a SNY video which showed that Harper never left the plate. He stood up and looked, as if it were defending his staff without first interfering, he is not yet in care.

“This is not just incredible,” said Keith Hernandez.

But Harper has an excuse: he does not care about it. And it's not alone. Hardly. And major managers keep a series of tapping balls, they can fall down onto the road to unnecessary ruins.

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