News Two former Atlético players implicated in a tax fraud

Two former Atlético players implicated in a tax fraud


The ex-players of Atlético de Madrid Juanma López Y Mariano Aguilar are the main investigated in the plot that could have defrauded more than five million to the Treasury through an investment fund of which both are representatives. The society was dedicated to purchase of soccer rights, the financing of signings and of Spanish clubs with economic difficulties

According to Efe sources of the investigation and the National Court in a statement, in the operation baptized as Dean, focuses its research on the investment fund already closed with headquarters in Malta Doyen Sports Investment Limited and investigates his administrator Nelio Freire Lucas for a crime against the Public Treasury.

Doyen Sports IL was dedicated to buying the rights of projected players to create capital gains with its sale to third parties

For this same offense and for money laundering, ex-footballers Mariano Aguilar and Juan Manuel López are also being investigated, as well as the couple of this Rocío del Carmen Sánchez and Aguilar's brother.

The six are accused of not paying in Spain the income derived from operations of purchase of economic rights of soccer players and of the granting of loans to several clubs, and they are summoned to declare as investigated this Thursday and Friday before the Central Court of Instruction number five of the National Court.

The investigating judge, José de la Mata, points out that the prosecution's complaint identifies Gilavogui's acquisition of rights to the Atlético de Madrid and loan of 2.5 million; sale of economic rights of Falcao and financial assistance to the same club; purchase of economic rights of Sporting de Gijón players; purchase of 50% of economic rights of Miroslav Stepanovic and Kondogbia or 20% percent of Baba, among others.

The investment fund managed economic rights of players such as Falcao or Kondogbia, among others

For this concept, the car indicates, in an indicative manner Doyen obtained in 2013 a profit of 17.8 million euros; in 2014 of 1.9 million; in 2015 of 624,322.35 euros and in 2016 of 217,941.83 euros.

As for loan operations, 2.5 million have been identified to Atlético de Madrid and Sporting de Gijón; 3.65 million to Sevilla; 3.5 million to Getafe and half a million to the former president of Sevilla José María del Nido. Therefore, the benefit obtained by the fund was 1.1 million in 2013, 224,324.37 euros in 2014 and 75,000 in 2015.

With the sum of both items and only with transactions carried out in Spain, the car indicates, in 2013 the fund obtained total revenues of more than 19 million euros; in 2014 of 2.1 million; in 2015 of 699,322 euros and in 2016 of 217,914.

Loans have been identified to Atlético, Sporting or the former president of Sevilla José María del Nido

Only in 2013, the benefits of the plot exceeded 15 million euros and the tax rate defrauded would be 4,583,648 euros, without prejudice to the emergence of new incomes not counted, both in 2013 and in other tax periods, the magistrate concludes.

As reported by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) along with staff of the National Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) of the Tax Agency are developing various actions in Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Asturias, Seville, Cádiz, Granada, Murcia and the Balearic Islands.

The UCO is developing actions in nine Spanish provinces

The registers are directed by the central examining court number five of the National High Court after the investigations into the operations of an investment fund constituted in 2011 in Malta began in early 2018.

The activities of this fund, already closed, consisted in the purchase of economic rights of football players with projection, seeking to achieve capital gains with their transfers to third teams. In addition, it financed transfers and provided liquidity to Spanish football clubs with economic difficulties, all under the advice of law firms.

According to the researchers, the agreements with the Spanish football clubs seem to have been negotiated in Spain by two representatives of soccer players, who could have simulated their fiscal residence outside of this country so as not to declare the benefits obtained to the Public Treasury.

For the commission of detected frauds, a complex corporate structure has been used that would have allowed to hide the benefits of the loans and the sale of the economic rights of soccer players, with the amount supposedly defrauded to the Spanish Public Treasury in more than 5 million euros.

A complex corporate structure allowed to hide the benefits of the loans and the sale of the economic rights of the players


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