News Trey Bilardello makes 202 shoots in a US Amateur...

Trey Bilardello makes 202 shoots in a US Amateur qualifier


Golf has been achieved by tossing.

A good PGA Tour cabin became a qualifier for the US Amateur Championship, so he decided to put weight to his sinking ship and run his score up to 202 amazing – as in 131 above par.

Trey Bilardello, which is heavily impeded 2.2, lost the drop of 124 shots at the event at May Country Country Lakes Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. Bilardello's final score was first recorded as 194, but because the scorer did not know how to enter his one-hole scores that went over 19, according to Golf Channel.

After baking his first two holes, Bilardello reported that he was wearing a triple at par 4 and then 10 at par 5. It seemed sufficient to put it into tank mode. He shot as high as 25 on wages 4, but decided to end a simple note by parking his final hole.

“After the first nine, he said he wanted to record the highest recording score in the history of the SAGA,” partner Bilardello, Kristian Fortis, Golf Channel said. “It would help shots and put his ball around the tee box to add strokes, and then he would only pipe 2-iron down in the middle of the path, hit him on the lock and then scoop his ball around. again with a putter.

“It was right next to the hole and then I think he thought he didn't have enough stroke and hit his ball in the opposite direction of the hole. He was also very unhappy with many of the officials. ”

After the damage, Florida State Golf Association decided to disqualify Bilardello, which ended Jim Herman, Moriya Jutanugarn, Annie Park and currently Matt Every.

“Florida State Golf Association, having consulted the United States Golf Association, disqualified Trey Bilardello under Rule 1.2 from serious misconduct and failure to play in the spirit of the game,” said Beth Major, senior championship communications director USGA Golf Summary. “His disqualification was considered appropriate due to an individual's failure to consider other players – playing away from the hole deliberately to score his run-up.” T


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