Tour de France: Sunday national holiday in Auvergne

Tour de France: Sunday national holiday in Auvergne

Saint-Étienne – The day of the National Day on the Tour de France coincides with the crossing of the Auvergne, in the east-west direction, for the 9th stage between Saint-Etienne and Brioude, the city of Romain Bardet.

The route of 170.5 kilometers, rugged, has a springboard from the first hour. "The wall of Aurec-sur-Loire is 3200 meters at 11%, three times the wall of Huy", says the race director Thierry Gouvenou who went so far as to rank in the first category.

The result is noticeably less difficult even if the last obstacle, the Saint-Just coast, with a bonus point (8, 5 and 2 sec to the first three) is located just 13 kilometers from the finish.

"One thing is certain, the pure sprinters will not be there anymore", says the race director about the arrival in Brioude where grew Bardet, one of the local champions with Jessy Trémoulière who was named best player of rugby world last year.

The sub-prefecture of Haute-Loire (7100 inhabitants) receives the Tour for the second time. But in 2008, Brioude was just a start.

Departure from Saint-Etienne at 13:05, launched at 13:25, arrived in Brioude around 17:31 (average calculated 42 km / h).

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