Thiago Santos UFC did not give knee ligaments against Jon Jones

Thiago Santos UFC did not give knee ligaments against Jon Jones

Thiago Santos fought with Jon Jones on one foot for the light heavy title.

Santos Manager Alex Davis tell ESPN Santos awarded the ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus in his left generation on Saturday during UFC's main event 239 in Las Vegas. In addition, Santos put a ligament in its south right whole. It is out for the rest of 2019, and it may be longer than that.

“I left everything there even after my knee hurt in the first round,” Santos said through an interpreter after the fight. “I drove with four rounds on a remarkable position, not being able to move as I normally move, without being able to wear the strikes. I did not disturb the world because of these circumstances, but I did what I could do in those conditions and I am happy. "

Despite the injuries, Santos had very little win over the 205 pound championship, with two judges scoring the fourth round for Santos and one judge giving the fifth.

Jones won the fight through a split decision, and the first time he reached a decision not to win, ending Santos's striking four-strike.

Subsequently, Jones said he was not aware of Santos leg injuries during the fight.

“Boy, he was tough,” said Jones after he won. “We all knew that the best chance for Thiago was to put me out. I played it smart and I brought this gold home to my family and my team. It was more technically sound than I thought. Thiago Santos is a black belt in Muay Thai. I am proud of myself, as I stood with a man who was wearing kick longer than me. ”

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