There is a tennis game stored in Google right now; here's how to find it - TechCrunch

There is a tennis game stored in Google right now; here's how to find it - TechCrunch

Google love a good Easter egg. From cutesie Douglas Adam's references to the search results for "askew" is just one liiiiittle a little crooked, there are many kinds of things hidden in the search engine if you know the right thing to write or the right buttons to push.

The latest addition – a fun little tennis game hidden within certain search results pages – is in honor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. However, with Wimbledon wrapping this weekend, this egg cannot be for a long time.

It's not too hard to find, but it's just hidden away enough that most people will probably not stumble across it by accident.

How to find it:

tennis 1

  • See the little box that pops up? See the navel bar that says "Men's singles", "Women's singles", etc.? Grab it and pull it all the way to the left to scroll to the end.

tennis 2

  • At the end is a small tennis ball icon. Press it and the game must turn off completely.

tennis 3b

Once you've got it up, it's pretty much Pong minus paddles. Move to earn so try to get your player in front of the ball to collect it back and forth. I'm not sure if it's possible to actually get the ball past computer player – I haven't seen it happen. But just successfully returning the ball will get you a point. When you miss a return, it's over.

It will work both on the mobile or on the desktop, but I have found it very helluva much easier to play on the latter.

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