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Jay Bruce destroyed smile as New York reporters walked his way. The former Met knew what was going on after another great performance against his old team in the stadium he called home on parts of three seasons.

“There are no hard feelings,” Phillies argued; on the field man, after two home races and driving in four runners in a 8-3 race at Citi Field. “They are in our division and we want to hit them. But I don't seem to be coming here (trying to kill them). "

This could be so. Daniel Murphy always made his comments before and after torture to his former staff. Likewise, he is saying his case for a spot on the All-Stars Chipper Jones, the fictional team of Mets killers.

Since joining the Phillies, Bruce helped them with a 6-1 record against the Mets, going 9-in-26 on the plate with four home rooms and 11 RBI, power numbers that are similar to the size of Cano Robinson – one of the players traded on it – it is produced every season.

It is a normal fortune. In the last year, injuries sustained last year meant that Bruce managed to manage only nine domestic dwellings and 37 RBIs in 94 games. It has been the .835 to be posted together with 22 hosts and 53 RBI, and a .549 average percentage of slugging.

It was included, along with Anthony Swarzak's reliever and former draft-picks of Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn, in the trade that brought Cano and Edwin Diaz closer back. While Cano and Diaz have great difficulties, the Bruce and Swarzak seafarers have traded back to the NL East, where the Swarzak has a 0.50 ERA relief for the Braves – and Kelenic and Dunn play in the game Futures. Sunday.

“This is certainly the case. It's just random, ”said Bruce. “I'm not surprised at what I'm doing in any way. They wanted to move on. I am now part of the Phillies. ”

The trade symbolizes everything wrong for the year general manager and for the former agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, and his Mets entering the game break 10 Star under .500 and 13¹ / ₂ games behind Swarzak Braves in the East NL.

“I have no idea, man, I have no idea,” said Bruce, when asked if he thought the Mets regretted the trade. “Like everything else these days, they do a lot of due diligence and fact finding, and I think they worked on it for a long time, and decided that they wanted to make the move. I fully respect this. You have to ask Brodie, I do not know. ”

He helped the Phillies and helped Bruce. It was a deterrent to them, 28 games are driving in 29 since he came into trade from the Mariners, replacing Andrew McCutchen (ACT torn) who was injured. And unlike in Queens, these Phillies are in the playoff mix, attached to the second wild card spot.

“Playing meaningful meaningful games,” says Bruce, “I love it and I don't accept it voluntarily.”

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