The World Cup effect at the Argentan Football Club girls

The women's section is still very young. It was created in 2016 under the impetus of Fousia Khenous and Taly Gressant, a sports educator: they had perceived the craze for the ball in girls. When FC Argentan was solicited, President Hubert Bayer did not seem difficult to convince. A football school for young people aged 5 to 15 was first created. Then a team of seniors.

Today, the women's section of the Argentan club has a hundred licensees. And it's probably not over: "Our Facebook page has won 500 likes in a dozen days with the World Cup, every day I have calls, text messages from young girls who are looking for information and want to sign with us"says Taly Gressant, the head of this section that has the wind in its sails: the club expects a 50% increase in its workforce in September.

Report by Thierry Cleon and Damien Migniau. (Speakers: Taly Gressant, Head of the Women's Section, Manon Barré, Licensed, Hubert Bayer, President of FC Argentan)

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