The top of the Australian pole vault coach leaves the study

The top of the Australian pole vault coach leaves the study

A law firm specializing in employment law was commissioned to conduct an independent investigation. That investigation is still ongoing, despite the recent resignation of Parnov.

"Alex has offered his resignation as head trainer of the WA Institute of Sport Pole Vault Program, which happened late last week," WAIS CEO Steve Lawrence said. The age.

"He is currently the subject of an independent WAIS-initiated investigation into concerns about his behavior as a WAIS employee." The investigation is ongoing We have not yet completed anything. "

Lawrence said that no complainant is making a complaint and that no complaint has been made to WAIS.

He said that WAIS "has discovered some information and we have started some research into it. The concerns were significant enough for us to start the independent investigation."

Parnov was employed by WAIS to implement the program funded by Athletics Australia. Until he went on leave and then resigned, he coached a number of AA-subsidized athletes.

Parnov is one of Australia's most successful athletics coaches and has coached multiple medal players in the field of indoor and outdoor, Olympic and Commonwealth games. Hooker, who was indoor and outdoor world champion and Olympic gold medalist, was the most important among them.

He famously jumped over the fence and ran onto the track at the Beijing Olympics to jump into Steve Hooker's arms after Hooker won gold at an Olympic record high.

Alex Parnov (left) with Steve Hooker during the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Alex Parnov (left) with Steve Hooker during the Commonwealth Games 2010.Credit:EPA

Until he was laid down, Parnov coached five nationally funded athletes, including the star pair Kurtis Marschall and Nina Kennedy.

Commonwealth Games gold medalist Marschall went to Perth last year to join the Parnov program, where Kennedy – who won bronze at the Gold Coast games – was also trained.

Dual Commonwealth Games gold medalist Alana Boyd moved briefly to Perth to be coached by Parnov later in her career, but the experience did not last long and she returned to being coached by her father, Olympian Ray Boyd.

Parnov's daughters have both represented Australia in pole vault. His oldest daughter, Vicky, has since retired, but his daughter, Liz, is still participating and recently jumped 4.6 meters to qualify for this year's world championships. She is now being coached by Paul Burgess.

Parnov, born in Ukraine, also coached the silver medalist of Sydney Olympic Games, Tatiana Grigorieva, who is also a family member.

The age has approached Parnov for comment.

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