The sub'19 knocks down the Italian wall and advances towards the semifinals

Those of Santi Denia finish second of their group in the European Championship and will face France in the semi-final duel

Abel Ruiz penalty mark the goal of the victory.

The lower categories of Spanish football have been competing in the elite for approximately two decades. Always in the decisive eliminatory of each tournament. If the sub'21 took over the European title on July 1, the sub'19 is on the way to emulate this triumph. After their victory against Italy (2-1), with comeback included, the team managed bySanti DeniaHe qualified for the semifinals of the championship, where he will face the French team, the main favorite.

Santi Denia repeated the training with which the Sub'19 submitted to Portugal (also qualified for the semifinals) on Wednesday, despite the draw obtained by the Portuguese in a set piece action. The strong wind flew over the Yerevan Academy Stadium and over-complicated the game from the beginning. Italy, forced to add a victory that put him in the semifinals, looked out of the arc guarded byArnau Tenas. Until he found the goal. Again in a strategy action, the Achilles heel of the Spanish team in this championship.

Despite the attempts of Moha and Abel Ruiz, in the best moment of Spain in the match, the 'Azzurra' hit first.Davide Merola, in a free kick from the front line of the area, deceived Tenas and placed the ball in his own suit. The Spanish box, eliminated from the European at that time, was entrusted to the left-hander Sergio Gómez, midfielder of Borussia Dortmund, in search of at least a draw to reverse the situation.

The boys from Denia went up lines. Víctor Gómez, right back with an offensive vocation, replacedRicard Sánchez; YMohaHe advanced his position in the center of the field. Precisely the Real Madrid player tried toCarnesecchiin a shot that scratched the post. Spain showed its best version of the whole tournament, with very fast combinations and interned by the sides that drove crazy to the populated Italian defense, formed by five members already in the 60th minute.

And in the most unlikely play came the draw.Sergio Gómez, in a gentle corner kick at the near post, benefited from Gavioli's erratic clearance, towards his own goal. Only five minutes later, after a very questionable penalty indicated by the referee, Irfan Peljto,Abel Ruizconfirmed the comeback and the good feelings of a Spain that continues with firm step towards the eleventh title of its history in a European sub'19.

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