News The Santsima Trinidad of tennis

The Santsima Trinidad of tennis




Nadal and Federer, after the semifinals of Wimbledon.

Roger Federer Y Novak Djokovic they play the Wimbledon final on Sunday. They can be perfectly Rafael Nadal and Djokovic. Or Federer and Nadal. This final, like so many others, is not played by the three because only two can do it. Two of them three, of course. Those who are, those who touch. Today Roger and Nole.

It is a matter of family without kinship. Or, if you prefer, of kinship without consanguinity. A clan theme. Of club. The presence of Roberto Bautista in the semifinals it meant a personal triumph for the Castellón, who recovered tomorrow number 13, which already occupied in October 2016, his best historical position in the rnking. But, in the face of global tennis, it was a random, conjunctural name.

If the semifinals have to compete for four, and three are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, the other gives the same. It is to complete the picture. Someone between number four and 40 of the ATP. This time it has been, with all merit, Bautista, who is 31 years old and could have 10 less. Our admiration and our applause.

Nadal is more terrestrial. Federer and Djokovic, more herbivores. But, in their nuances, not in their differences and less in their incompatibilities, the three represent an individual and collective domain of surnames, faces and interchangeable nationalities. They come together, but do not get confused. They are one without ceasing to be three. And vice versa. One and trill. The Holy Trinity of the guild, come on.

If you have ever lost with others, with people outside your circle of chalk and fire that came to lean the British Andy Murray, it's because they were tired; or lazy; or unappetizing; or distracted; or injured; or because, geez, not even they can always win, always, always to everyone else.

Nobody threatens them seriously. Nobody assigned to the relay more or less brusque or gradual. Nobody necessarily young at ages that they were already throwing from the tracks to clean their elders. The percentage of own sufficiencies and other insufficiencies that keep them at the top, distributing them year by year, can imply a sports, technical debate. But more still another almost theological so the case has shared divinization.

Anyway, here are Federer and Djokovic in another grand final, which this time has been excluded Nadal. What routine does not get boring! And, above all, what a pleasure that does not get to tire!

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