The play is given to Rugby Holidays 2019

The play is given to Rugby Holidays 2019

The end of the 19th edition of the Rugby Vacances operation took place on Wednesday, July 10, in the presence of Jean-Luc Tarrega, sub-prefect of Lot, Martine Salinier, Secretary-General of the sub-prefect, director of the prefecture Jean-Paul Lacouture, Vincent Labarthe Vice President of the region, Serge Rigal, chairman of the departmental council, Cathy Prunet, councilor and many elected officials in the Souillagais basin, including the mayor of Souillac Jean-Michel Sanfourche.

Following the greeting by the chairman of the department's rugby committee, Jean-Claude Tardieu, Serge Simon, Vice President of the MFF, accompanied by Philippe Rougé-Thomas of the Federation, Vice President of Education and Alain Doucet, President of the Occitanie League, said he was very happy to see the start of this operation. Rugby Vacances provides many children from all over France and even abroad to improve their sport, under the responsibility of a quality technical team working all year round to promote rugby in the region. In front of more than 150 people, including many partners, the sub-prefect Jean-Luc Tarrega completed this initiation with a relevant speech, characterized by a lot of humor, praising the President's human qualities. Jean-Claude Tardieu and his team before sharing the glass of friendship.

A pleasant moment of meeting and sharing during this Rugby Holidays, which runs until August 10. This series of internships brings to the souillagaise city an animation that should reflect the local economy in the presence of many families utilizing this operation to discover the region and its prestigious places …

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