News The peb of the Avils "Undesirable" ceases its activity...

The peb of the Avils "Undesirable" ceases its activity by the signing of Vilches


"Undesirable" ceases its activity. Real Avilés club will not cheer the team next season. The fans took the decision yesterday to protest the hiring of José Manuel Domínguez "Vilches" as goalkeeping coach of Real Avilés.

The controversy has several edges. Fans afflict the ex-player, who was always critical of the past management of Real Avilés, his change of mind. And also, two questions. The first, his time as sports director of Avilés Stadium. And, as reported in a statement, "insults and provocations" on social networks and the Suarez Puerta.

In Norte Proyectos, the company that manages the Avilés since the end of last season, maintain a low profile. The same strategy follows the affected one, José Manuel Domínguez "Vilches". In fact, a meeting is expected in the coming days between the protagonists to try to clarify the situation.

What seems clear is that the ultimatum of the rock of Avilés will not serve to reverse. "Vilches" will be the goalkeeping coach no matter what happens. Florentino Alonso, who has been general manager for two weeks, and who already had a meeting with this club and other fans of the team last week, confirms this.

"It's a sports decision, time will give and take away reasons," said Alvarez. "We do not want to confront, our decisions can not please everyone," said the club's general director. "His position is respectable, they did not like his time at the Stadium, you can not please everyone," he continued. "Vilches is a man of the house and that's how he feels, he supports this project," said Florentino Álvarez.

The resignation of "Undesirable" does not seem to affect "Vilches" either. "I do not know who these fans are, everyone can do what they want," said the new goalkeeping coach of Avilés, who received the welcome of one of the heavyweights of the last locker room, also goalkeeper Borja Piquero. .

"Vilches" played in the Avilés in several stages. And, although he was critical of the work of the past administration of Avilés-he avoids referring only to José María Tejero-he does not consider that there has been a change of opinion in his attitude.

"The people who were before did not do the club any good and I always maintained that while they were there, I was not going to be, now, they have stepped aside," said the excancerbero, who praised the work of Norte Proyectos in these about two months that they have been managing Avilés. "They want to take the club where it deserves," he said of the Balearics.

His time at Avilés Stadium does not consider it an affront. "I'm proud to have been one of those idealists," he announced about his role in the stadium's early years. "Hopefully we all meet again and work because the Avilés, which is the team of the city, is as high as possible," he said.

Debt resolved

With the resignation of "Undesirable", the Avilés remains de facto without rocks. Although this group did not register as an official, and they say it on their social networks, they were the only group of fans that have regularly visited Suarez Puerta in the last two seasons. Perhaps the most complicated of the club due to the defaults that were found in the past seasons.

Some defaults that Norte Projects has resolved paying the outstanding amounts with the template of the last course. A few outstanding amounts that players have since last Wednesday, once the Balearic Islands settled accounts with the Spanish Association of Footballers (AFE) weeks ago and this will enter the money in the accounts of the players.

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