News The Kursk of Xargay and Iguez, the hardest opponent...

The Kursk of Xargay and Iguez, the hardest opponent of a group was difficult for Uni Girona


Fontajau will have the privilege this year to see the best European basketball. The success of the League title last season will allow Spar Citylift to face the best clubs on the continent in the Euroleague. An exciting competition for both the spectator and the players of Girona. Yesterday in Munich, the raffle fitted the Uni with Kursk (Russia), Fenerbache (Turkey), Sopron (Hungary), Schio (Italy), Lyon and the two winners of the previous rounds between the Turkish Boots and Polish Gdynia, and the Montpellier and the Olympiacos. The first two games will be in Turkey and Lyon, while for the anticipated premiere at Fontajau it will be necessary to wait until October 30.

The club chaired by Cayetano Pérez has had some sublime seasons. Since the promotion to the highest category of Spanish basketball in the 2008-09 season, the Girona team has managed to win two leagues. The 2014/15 season and the recent one achieved last academic year. A set of goals that made the club dispute for the first time in its history the female Euroleague. Three seasons later, and with a great accumulation of experiences on the back, the team trained by Èric Surís will repeat to the highest category of European basketball. «The club is proud to be able to play this tournament. This shows the work that has been done in recent seasons, "says Pérez.

In fact, yesterday an expedition headed by, precisely, Cayetano Pérez made an appearance in Munich to observe the draw of the group stage of the next edition of the European competition. The draw led the Girona team to be group B together with Kurks (Russia), Schio, where Núria Martínez played for many years, Fenerbahce, Sopron (Hungary), Lyon and the two winners of the previous rounds between Turkish Boots and Polish Gdynia; and the French Sniper and the Greek Olympiacos. A group that, a priori, is complicated in what will be the second participation of those of Fontajau in the Euroleague. "The teams we play with are very level", points out Cayetano Pérez. And he adds that, in spite of that, there is an advantage over the other group because "all the teams with whom we will face are relatively close. This will be a plus of comfort in terms of travel. "

Another of the pros of this group is that Girona will save themselves against the current European champion, the Turkish Ekaterinburg, or the always complicated Prague of the Czech Republic. Even so, for Girona there will be old acquaintances for those of Fontajau, such as Girona Marta Xargay, who plays in the Russian Kursk Dynamo. Precisely the former team player of the Uni Girona Sonja Petrovic is led by Roberto Íñiguez. The Basques sat on the bench at Fontajau during the season that the Girona team raised their first league. Other components of the list include the Turkish Fenerbahce, which included the Catalan Anna Cruz, and the Hungarian Sopron, who played the last two Final Four. In addition, the mentioned players of the French Montpellier could be added if they surpass the Turkish Olympiacos. The Occitan team was the twig of Girona last season. Apart from this, this season will feature ex-Uni Gabby Wiliams.

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