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The generation of Carlos Alocén, one of the most projected players that has produced Spanish basketball in recent times, shone but could not unseat a selection that comes out, the Israel, and a player who is on track to become a star. This is Deni Avdija, an 18-year-old guard, who scores (23 points), plays and makes play (seven assists). He took Spain through the street of bitterness in the final of the European U-20.


Israel: Kravits (2), Avdija (23), Madar (17), Avivi (3), Suss (7) – initial team-; Adam (10), Alber (10), Levinson (2), Porat (11), Hanochi (7) and Malka (0).

Spain: Alocén (10), Miguel González (14), Sergi Martínez (10), Rosa (9), Eightor (0), -equipo inicial-; Parrado (13), Galán (7), Sola (4), Busquets (2), Caves (2) and Puerto (13).

Partial: 24-24, 18-18, 24-17 and 26-25.

Referees: Herceg (Coracia), Poursanidis (Greece) and Maricic (Serbia).

Shlomo Group Arena of Tel Aviv. Alocén and Sergi Martínez were chosen for the ideal quintet of the tournament. Avdija was the MVP.

It was a party for the Israeli team, set the tone in basketball training in recent times. He repeated the title he already won last year after losing only in the 2017 final against Greece. And this time he did it at home, with the support of a sick hobby, who filled the pavilion and was rewarded with the quick, intense and well-crafted game of his team.

The Spanish team had won all their matches until reaching the final. Joaquín Prado has a good team. Carlos Alocén, the base of Tecnyconta Zaragoza, which is already on the radar of Madrid, is a prodigy of precocity. He debuted in the Endesa League with 15 years and 10 months. It was the third youngest in history. His talent is obvious. And Sergi Martínez, the power forward of Barcelona B, is another player with excellent conditions. Miguel González (Baskonia), Rosa (Unicaja) and Puerto (Valencia), also stand out. In the final he missed the contribution of Joel Parra, the forward of Joventut, who was injured a few days ago.

The Spanish team fought with character and success during the first part, but from the third quarter, between Avdija, the escort Madar and the power forward Porat, the Israelis marked differences and punished each and every one of the errors of the Spanish team , the losses, some baskets that seemed easy and did not finish and, in the end, an excess of precipitation. The Spanish attack was short despite the 14 points of Miguel González, the 13 of Puerto and Parrado, the 10 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists of Alocén the 10 points and six rebounds of Sergi Martínez.

The Spanish team gave, despite the defeat, a good image but could not emulate the two great successes of the Spanish Sub-20, the gold medal in 2011 with Mirotic, Sastre, Franch and Llovet, among others, and in 2016 , with Sergi García, Santi Yusta and Marc García.

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